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[NOTICE] Server Maintenance 05/23 17:00 - 19:00 PDT

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  • [NOTICE] Server Maintenance 05/23 17:00 - 19:00 PDT

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    Greetings, this is GM Marigold!
    There will be an update on May 23.
    Please check below for details.

    [Oceans & Empire Update]
    1. Update Period
    - 05/23 17:00 - 19:00 PDT

    2. Update Details

    [New Features]
    (1) Gates of Challenge system added
    → Gates of Challenge lets you summon the Legends of the Past to challenge them.
    - You can challenge one Legend of the Past at a time and you must defeat your summoned Legend of the Past to challenge another one
    - When you challenge a Legend of the Past, his Dominion will be summoned near your Dominion and you must defeat the Legend within the time limit.
    - Only the player who summoned the Legend of the Past can attack the Legend
    - You can’t use Peace Shield while you fight the Legend of the Past
    → Available when you reach Castle Level 15
    → You can summon the Legend of the Past 3 times per a day. After exhausting these challenges, you will be able to challenge additional once every 2 hours for maximum 2 times
    - Use Seal of Challenge to challenge up to 10 times a day
    - You can challenge max 15 times a day
    → You will receive rewards when you defeat a Legend of the Past
    - You will get a First Kill reward after 1st victory, then receive normal rewards for subsequent victories
    - A new quest ‘Challenge the Legends of the Past’ will be added

    (2) Whale Resource Island system added
    → When you conquer a Trade City, a Whale Resource Island will appear near the Trade City you’ve won
    - Only the Alliance Members of conquering Alliance will be able to collect from the Whale Island
    - When you’re collecting from Whale Island, you will not be able to use Peach Shield. You must have your ships return to your Dominion from Whale Island in order to use Peace Shield
    Whale Food Island Whale Wood Island Whale Iron Island Whale Silver Mine
    Suez Aden Sydney Mombasa
    Hobart Jakarta Brunei Wanganui
    Manila Hangzhou Edo Alexandria
    Hanyang Athens Rio de Janeiro London
    Tripoli Santiago Madagascar
    Pernambuco Trujillo Marseille
    Tunis Buenos Aires
    Genova Mozambique
    → When you return to your Dominion from Whale Islands, you will receive additional resources depending on the percentage of the Whale Island you were collecting from
    → When Whale Islands are depleted, the islands will disappear and then regenerate after a period
    → Whale Island respawn time will be added in Trade City details

    (3) Legendary Empire Troops system added
    → You can now summon Tier 1 – 5 Legendary Troops by using new Alliance Skill
    - You can summon them from Alliance Fortress or Alliance Buoy. The Legendary Empire Troops will appear to the nearest point of the building you’re summoning from
    - Summoned Legendary Empire Troops can be attached by your Alliance Members and other Alliances
    - Alliance Points will be used to summon Legendary Empire Troops, and there will be a cooldown for summoning same Tier Legendary Empire Troops
    → A Conquest Order will be used when you attack Legendary Empire Troops
    - You can get First Kill rewards for your first victory against Legendary Empire Troops
    - You can get Fine Helmet and Gloves Material Chest when you defeat Level 30 – 32 Legendary Empire Troops
    → When server restarts due to maintenance and other issues, summoned Legendary Empire Troops will disappear. Your used Points will be returned and cooldown will be reset.

    (4) Alliance Member Recommendation system added
    → When an Alliance Member is very active in an Alliance that has very inactive Alliance Leader, this system will recommend the active Alliance Member to another Alliance Leader.
    → Go to [Manage Alliance] - [Recommended Players] to check the recommended Alliance Members
    - Same language speakers will be priority
    - When you have a recommended player, you will receive a mail regarding this matter

    (5) Events for new contents added
    → Gates of Challenge Event <New Legend Is Born>
    - Use the Gates of Challenge and successfully defeat 5 strongest Legends of the Past from different decades to receive rewards
    - Event rewards will be sent to your mailbox when you successfully defeat a Legend of the Past
    → Legendary Empire Troops Event <Summon Legendary Empire Troops>
    - Use the Alliance Skill to summon Legendary Empire Troops and battle them to earn Kill Points. When you reach certain Kill Points,you will receive rewards
    - Event Rewards will be sent to your mailbox

    (6) Miscellaneous
    → You can now check your First Kill status.
    - Tap the Lord Character standing in front of your Castle to bring up your First Kill list.
    - You can check your First Kill status for monsters, Empire Troops and Legendary Empire Troops.
    → New VIP Levels added.
    - Current: Max Level 16 > Added: Max Level 20
    -New VIP Level will include Ship Evasion buff.
    → New equipment material added.
    - Signal Horn (Weapon Material) – Increases Ship Firepower in Rally Attack
    Increase Enemy’s Casualty Rate option, noticed previously, will be updated later with higher perfection as there were supplements needed to be fixed during testing.

    [System Improvements]
    (1) Better Check-In Reward
    → You can now get a top-tier ship “Vulcan” as a check-in reward.
    > If you are unable to receive check-in rewards because your Dock is full, you will receive it as Resources and Speed Ups.
    > If you are unable to receive check-in rewards because your Commissary is full, you will receive them as Resources and Speed Ups.
    → After week 9, Activity Rewards will be adjusted according to Castle Level.

    (2) Monthly Bonus Renewal
    → Monthly Bonus has been revamped to Premium Bonus.
    - 30 Days Bonus is now much cheaper, and contains more useful items.
    - 7 Days, 14 Days Bonus has been added.
    - You’ll be able to receive Accumulated Purchase Reward when you purchase Premium Bonus repeatedly.

    (3) Trade System Improvement
    → You’ll able to see trade routes that won’t make profit
    - You can now see trade routes between cities on Work Status screen.
    - You’ll move to the fleet when you tap “trade routes between cities” on Work Status screen
    - Now all icons show correctly when you tap on another city you want to set sail to, from a trade city
    → Now you can set sail from Trade City to any other Trade City, including those that won’t make any profit

    (4) Miscellaneous
    → Now when you turn on/off Low Power Mode, all associated options will respond to it
    → Timer for Accumulated Purchase Bonus no longer goes down before you purchase an item from the shop
    → If an Alliance member who is collecting resources from the Resource Island leaves or is kicked out from his/her Alliance, he/she will return to his/her Dominion
    → Now you can use a mix of materials with different grade
    → Peace Shield Record will show you more logs
    - Scouting and Attacking Legendary Empire Troops, Collecting Whale Resource Island, Attacking Legends of the Past (Gates of Challenge)
    → If RankS or Legendary Empire Troops retreat while your fleets are sailing to them, you’ll receive spent Conquest Order by mail
    → One additional City Scroll has been added to 4th Daily Quest reward
    → Icons for Cargo, Artillery, and Armored Ships has been changed

    [Bug Fixes]
    (1) Fixed a bug that showed “Insufficient Upgrade Points” message even if you have enough points to upgrade
    (2) Now boxes change color correctly when you have enough points to acquire it
    (3) Fixed a bug that Ships that have been just built didn’t show on the screen
    (4) Fixed a bug that Alliance Attendance showed “not in attendance” incorrectly
    (5) Fixed a bug that allowed items with 0 amount to stay in the inventory
    (6) Fixed a bug that didn’t allow “Decorate Sail” to apply correctly on Recover Ship menu
    (7) Fixed a bug that didn’t allow a new ship to launch properly after other ships sunk
    (8) Fixed a bug that did not allow Alliance Buildings to be completed
    (9) Inactive Alliance Member’s coordinates will no longer be shown on the Sea Map
    (10) Graphics will no longer linger in Trading tutorial
    (11) Alliance Power Level now shows correctly when you tapping Empire Troops’ Fortress
    (12) Fixed a bug that did not allow you to receive rewards for Achievement Rank 10 “Private Fleet”
    (13) Fixed a crash which happened when you login Facebook on iOS
    (14) Now Alliance Statistics sorts correctly
    (15) Fixed a bug that showed wrong screen when you tapped Complete button on Alliance Research screen
    (16) Fixed a bug that Slovenian national flag wasn’t shown correctly
    (17) Fixed a bug that showed “Collect” icon on Resource Island that you haven’t conquered
    (18) Resource Island graphic will no longer linger on the screen when you change server while you were collecting on a Resource Island
    (19) Fixed a bug that showed incorrect amount of remaining resources when you return from a Resource Island
    (20) Ships acquired through Activity Reward will no longer overlap on existing ships
    (21) Fixed a bug that didn’t show icons on alert messages when you Rally for Empire Troops but fail because you don’t have enough Conquest Orders to attack the Troops
    (22) Fixed a bug that didn’t show certain buttons of private chat to the sender
    (23) Fixed a bug that made private chat to disappear from the screen
    (24) Fixed a bug that showed insufficiency of Cannons, instead of resources when you have insufficient resource for building a ship
    (25) Now Upgrade button responses correctly when you Upgrade your Ships repeatedly in a short time

    ※ In-game time will not pass during server maintenance
    ※ You will not be able to login to the game during server maintenance
    ※ Maintenance period and patch details are subject to change

    We will do our best to provide better gameplay experience for you

    Thank you.