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[NOTICE] June Update Preview

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  • [NOTICE] June Update Preview

    Hello, my Lords.

    GM Marigold is back with another update preview!
    Fight the summer heat with this cool update!

    [June Update Preview]

    1. Boss Monsters Added

    You’ll be able to raid monsters you’ve only heard about!
    Use Rally Attack to hunt massive Boss Monsters!

    Big scary monsters aren’t so scary when they’re dead, right?

    2. Global Chat System Added

    Global Chat system will let you talk to everyone in the game
    who speak the same language as you, no matter what server you’re in!

    Prepare for inter-server dad jokes and lame puns
    because that’s what world server chats are for, am I right or am I right?

    I bet I can make the best (or the worst) puns!

    3. Easier Early Gameplay

    New Lords are just as welcomed in Oceans & Empires!
    Equipment materials and Treasures required for early Quests will be provided to new Lords!

    GM Marigold is always happy to see new faces!

    4. Daily Event Rewards Improved

    Daily Event Rewards just got even better!
    Will this mean fiercer competition for daily rankings?

    A fair game that compensates your efforts!
    That’s Oceans & Empires for you!

    5. Figureheads and Ship Name Changing System Added

    Now you can craft Figureheads for your ships.
    High Tier Figureheads will give your ships Unique Effects!

    This GM is going to decorate all of her ships with Figureheads so I can get all the Unique Effects!

    And now you’ll also be able to rename your ships.
    How convenient would that be when you’re selecting ships for a fleet?

    Now I gotta get home and brainstorm for the coolest ship names!

    6. New Buffs and Items Added

    Exciting new buffs and items on the horizon!

    Following items are scheduled to be added to Oceans & Empires.

    - Existing buffs: Powerful buffs, available for shorter time period
    - New buffs: Ship Durability, Ship Evasion buffs
    - New items: Voyage Speed Up 75%, Salvage Bell, Random Equipment Ticket, Meister XP items

    One more thing!
    With more buffs than ever, it’ll be hard to keep track of it all.
    So we’ve neatly categorized all the buffs so you can conveniently view all of them.

    7. Preset System for Lord Skills Added

    Lords will soon be able to change your Skills at the blink of an eye,
    with the help of Preset system!

    When you’re a high level player, resetting Skills meant a multitude of tapping.
    But now with the Preset System
    you can switch out to the Skill sets you want to use at the blink of an eye!

    Of course, a liberal use of the Preset system will cause too much strain on the balance.
    So we’ll applying Cooldown Times for the Preset system!

    8. “Receive All” on Alliance Rewards Eased

    Currently only VIP Level 8 players can use the “Receive All” function
    for receiving all Alliance Rewards.
    But lower level VIP players will be able to use this function as well.

    We have yet to decide on the specific VIP level,
    but you can trust that we’re working to provide
    better gaming experience for all the Lords!

    9. Purchase Methods Improved

    Now you’ll be able to purchase items like Stamina, Gems of the Abyss and etcetera
    whenever you want, not just when you run out!

    10. Inactive Alliance Buildings Will Be Retrieved

    Alliance Buildings from inactive Alliances, that are littering the sea, will be retrieved.
    This one’s for you, Mother Earth!

    11. Monster Hunting Event Added

    Check the event notice board in-game for this one.
    A brand new monster hunting event!

    It’ll be easier and more fun to participate in this event because
    now you’ll be able to check how many monsters you’ve hunted on the notice board.

    Update schedule and contents are subject to change.

    That ends GM Marigold’s June update preview but
    GM Marigold will return when June updates are finalized!

    We’ll do our best to always provide you with the best gaming experience with each update.

    Thank you.

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