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[NOTICE] Oceans & Empires Update Overview Part I

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  • [NOTICE] Oceans & Empires Update Overview Part I

    Hello, my Lords
    This is GM Marigold of Oceans & Empires
    This is about the upcoming update, scheduled for June 27
    Please check below for details

    [Oceans & Empires Update Overview]

    1. Update period
    - June 27 18:00 ~ 23:00(2 hours extended)
    2. Update details

    [New Features]
    (1) Boss Monster
    → Boss Monster ‘Aestaros’ will appear around the oceans for 2 weeks
    - Boss Monsters will range from Lv.27 to Lv.32
    → You can only attack Boss Monsters with Rally Attacks
    → Rewards will be given according to your battle contribution against Boss Monsters
    → You can check the battle results of Boss Monsters the same way you check normal battles. You can also check Alliance Battle Contribution and My Contribution
    - When Boss Monster is killed, all attackers will receive a Battle Report. The Battle Report will show top 3 Lords for battle contribution, and the reward you received
    → The Alliance who landed the final blow on the Boss Monster (Last Kill Alliance) will receive a bonus reward, ‘Figurehead Chest’
    → Lord Abilities will now show buffs for Boss Monster raids
    → Added Boss Monster raid related quests in Daily Quests and Challenges

    (2) Figurehead
    → Figureheads are equipment for ships that give various buffs
    → You need to pay Gold when you want to unequip Figureheads
    → Grind Figureheads to get Figurehead Fragments. Your Figurehead Fragments Tier will be same as original Tier of your Figurehead
    → You can Combine 100 Figurehead Fragments in inventory to create Figurehead Chest
    - There are 3 types of Figurehead Fragments and Figurehead Chests: Common, Fine, and Rare
    ※ Options are randomized. You can have up to 4 options max
    → When you equip Tier 7 or higher Figureheads to your ships, your ships will have a special visual effect
    → Battle Reports will now include Figurehead information that you have equipped
    → Figureheads cannot be upgraded.

    (3) World Chat
    → Now you can to talk to all captains from all servers that use the same language as you, in ‘World Chat’ channel.
    - You can change World Chat channel in Settings > Language.
    - You cannot see Lord Details of Lords in other Empires, or send mails or start a private chat

    (4) Lord Skill Preset feature added
    → You can now register up to 4 sets of Lord Skills and change them according to your needs
    → You will need Gold to activate different Lord Skill pages.
    → You will need 1,000 Gold to change Lord Skill pages and there is a 60 minute cooldown time

    (5) New Events
    → Welcome event for returning Lords, <Comeback to the Battlefield!>
    - This event is for all Lords that have been inactive for over 30 days
    - When returning Lords login to the game, they will get Welcome Back Rewards based on their Castle Level
    - Alliance members of returning Lords’ Alliance will also receive rewards.
    - Returning Lords can receive Welcome Back Daily Rewards when you login daily for 7 days after you return
    - Event rewards will be sent to your inbox (Only once during event)
    ※ You will receive the Welcome Back Reward only if you return during this event. You can check the in-game Notice for details.

    → Monster hunting event, <Monster Slayer>
    - There are two types of Monster Slayer event: Normal and Fine.
    - When two events start at the same time, your Event Points will be counted for both events at the same time.
    - You will get 1 point for every monster you hunt, regardless of type or level.
    - Event rewards will be sent to your inbox (Only once during event)

    (6) New items
    → New buff items
    - Ship Firepower Boost (1 Hr) 35% / Ship Firepower Boost (10 Min) 45%
    - Ship Armor Boost (1 Hr) 35% / Ship Armor Boost (10 Min) 45%
    - Ship Durability Boost (12 Hr) 20% / Ship Durability Boost (24 Hr) 20%
    Ship Durability Boost (1 Hr) 35% / Ship Durability Boost (10 Min) 45%
    - Troop ATK Boost (1 Hr) 35% / Troop ATK Boost (10 Min) 45%
    - Troop DEF Boost (1 Hr) 35% / Troop DEF Boost (10 Min) 45%
    → Equipment Case
    - A case that contains a piece of Tier 6 - 8 Equipment
    - Tier 6 Equipment Case / Tier 7 Equipment Case / Tier 8 Equipment Case
    - Equipment options and slots (4 – 6 slots) will be randomized
    → New equipment material
    - Workshop Hammer: Glove
    Reduce amount of silver needed in crafting
    - Telescope: Shoes
    Bombardment Speed up in Rally Attack
    - Decorative Flag: Accessory
    Reduce the opponent’s defense in Raid
    - Hard Shell: Shoes
    Bombardment Speed up in Raid
    - Hunting Trap: Weapon
    Increase Ship firepower (Monster)

    (7) Ship Name Change System
    → Now you can use items or Gold to change your ship name in Ship Details
    → You can check your ship names in “Organize Fleet” screen

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