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[NOTICE] Oceans & Empires Update Overview Part II

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  • [NOTICE] Oceans & Empires Update Overview Part II

    [System Improvements]
    (1) Lowered [Receive All Alliance Aid Boxes] function requirement
    → Now you can benefit from “Receive All Alliance Aid Boxes” function on VIP 4 instead of VIP 8

    (2) Renewed Gold Store
    → Categorized items in Gold Store (Gold / Protection / War / Miscellaneous) for clarification. Now you can buy items like Peace Shield, Boosts, Medal of Honor and Gems of the Abyss more easily

    (3) Better early gameplay
    → You will get enough Treasures to unlock “Legacy of the Sun” Treasure Skill after you train “Fencers” on Castle Lv. 3
    → You will get three 24 Hr Peace Shield on Castle Lv. 7
    → You will get five Gold Marbles, Seeds of Abundance and Logs, which will be enough to complete “Craft Equipment” quest on Castle Lv. 7
    → Now when you tap a monster you can’t hunt, you will be automatically directed to a monster you can hunt

    (4) Improved Daily Event rewards
    → Improved rewards for Daily Ranking, Weekly Ranking and Point Achievement

    (5) Now inactive Alliance’s building will be retrieved automatically
    → when every Alliance Member becomes inactive, all Alliance Buildings will be retrieved automatically

    (6) Castle Level Cap has been changed
    → Castle Level will be capped at 27 for 14days in new server
    → Castle Level cap will increase to 31 on 14th day
    → Castle Level cap will increase to 32 on 28th day

    (7) Miscellaneous
    →' Equipment Case' or ' Figurehead Chest' can be obtained from Daily Attendance reward or Total Premium Purchase Bonus
    → When you tap on an Alliance Name or Lord Name, you will be directed to corresponding Alliance or Lord Info screen
    → Extended Maximum Power Lv. Achievement Reward’s requirement from 54,000,000 to 205,000,000
    → Improved effects and zoom in/out guide on Manage Troops on Ship quest
    → Now you will get 5 points for every 16 Iron collected during “Day of Resource Collecting!” event
    → Now you will be notified via in-game mail when Castle level cap is raised
    → Removed coordinates from Sell menu on Trade City screen
    → Now when you defeat Legends of Past in Gates of Challenge, his or her Dominions will burn
    → Changed server name:
    - Empire# + Empire#: United Empire#
    - United Empire# + United Empire#: Veteran Empire#
    → Changed fleet’s icons to reflect its status properly
    - Now icons in Work Status Menu will be same as main menu’s icons
    → Battle Report will show more than 10 ships
    → Battle Report won’t show Power Lv. when you failed to get enemy information because of Power Lv. difference
    → Now a red exclamation mark will show on Alliance button when you haven’t checked in at Alliance attendance
    → Now only R4 or above Alliance Members can adjust angle of Alliance Cannon Tower
    → Place/Retrieve/Relocation buttons will be greyed out for Alliance Members who can’t use that function
    → Lowered activity point requirement for Recommended Players feature
    → Now you won’t able to use Peace Shield when you are Assaulting and your Dominion was originally located on another Alliance Territory

    [Bug Fixes]
    (1) Fixed a bug that made your Dominion transparent or doubled it after the Assault ends
    (2) Fixed a bug that did not let Rallying fleets immediately return to their Lords when the Rally leader was blocked from Assaulting
    (3) Fixed a bug that did not show “Decreases Trading Tax” buff correctly on Lord Info screen
    (4) Set priority of actions (menu buttons) at Trade City for times when a series of actions occur at the same Trade City. The order will be as follows: Stationing, Sailing, and Returning.
    (5) Now Reset button on Trade Goods screen will work properly
    (6) Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed a much higher amount of required resources for troops and ships, when you are short of Munitions and Cannons
    - Now when you don’t have enough resources to produce Munitions and Cannons, they will be showed as Gold
    (7) Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed Your Ranking on Ranking screen
    (8) Now “Evade” message will show properly when Musketeers miss their attack in Ship Battle
    (9) Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed a much longer repairing time, than actual time required, when repairing Gates
    (10) “ notext ” will no longer show on Join Alliance screen
    (11) Now a warning message about Peace Shield cancellation will show properly when you attack Alliance Buildings
    (12) Fixed Alliance Member Info glitches
    (13) Fixed a bug that did not immediately show “Change Rank Name” menu to new Alliance Leader, when Alliance Leader was changed
    (14) Fixed a bug that didn’t allow Alliance Depot to be retrieved
    (15) Now the question mark icon (Help) near Retrieve button on Alliance Depot will work properly
    (16) Fixed a bug that showed Lord Lv. instead of Castle Lv. on Alliance Member Info screen when you create your Alliance
    (17) Fixed Lord Info screen glitches
    (18) Now Empire’s Fleet won’t make human swimming sounds when they are showing up in your Dominion
    (19) Fixed a bug that did not occasionally refresh the remaining resources of Resource Islands
    (20) Fixed a bug that sent players to an unknown location when he or she tapped View Progress > Fleet Management > Move
    (21) Fixed a graphic error that made some of returning ships’ sail as default one when you joined a Rally Attack and were defeated by an enemy
    (22) Fixed a bug that didn’t allow Alliance Buildings to be retrieved or supported when there were 100 or more of them placed on the ocean
    (23) Fixed a graphic error that made Alliance Cannon Tower look like it was adjusted even when you didn’t tap Confirm button

    ※ In-game time will not pass during server maintenance
    ※ You will not be able to login to the game during server maintenance
    ※ Maintenance period and changes are subject to change

    We will do our best to provide better gameplay experience for you

    Thank you