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[NOTICE] Big Updates this coming August!

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  • [NOTICE] Big Updates this coming August!

    Hello, my Lords.
    This is GM Marigold and I’m here with a sneak peek of the next update!

    Please read on to find out all the details!

    [Next update details preview]

    1. Alliance Daily Event Added
    You’ve participated in the Daily Events for the tremendous rewards.
    Now your Alliance Members can join in the fun!

    Participate in Alliance Daily Event and compete for your Alliance Ranking

    *Event name is subject to change

    2. New Buildings Added
    Extra! Extra! TWO new buildings will be added to your Dominion!

    One of the buildings will be like trading posts for merchant ships.
    You’ll be able to craft various items using deeds and even receive small gifts from time to time!

    The other building will be for storing your Equipment and receiving buffs.
    Now you’ll be able to receive buffs just from storing your Equipment!

    3. New Boss Monster Added
    Brave and courageous Lords have slain countless mighty Boss Monsters.
    But they’re back for revenge! they’ve brought a new friend and he replaced one of them!
    Let’s go show them a warm welcome with your Alliance Members!

    4. Whale Island Reworked
    Whale Islands were like hard earned rewards and provided many resources for strong Alliances – and improvements are in the works!
    From now on, you’ll get not only plentiful Resources when collecting from Whale Islands but also Gems of the Abyss!

    Wait! But that’s not all!
    When you collect ALL Resources from Whale Islands, all of your Alliance Members will receive additional rewards!
    Whale Islands are the jackpots now! Get ready to collect Resources, Gems of the Abyss and Alliance Rewards!

    5. New Treasure Skill Added
    In Oceans & Empires, your ships risk sinking when you attack another Lord’s Dominion and fail. It’s a necessary evil risk we take.

    So we’re introducing a new Treasure Skill: Protection from sinking.
    It will come handy if you want to set somebody’s Dominion on fire!

    6. New Equipment Option Added
    New Equipment materials with charming options will be here!
    They have following effects:
    - Increases Ship Armor when joining Rally
    - Increases Ship Durability when joining Rally

    7. Ship Upgrade System Reworked
    Ship Upgrade has always been a useful way to power up your ship.
    But guess what, it will be even more useful from now on!

    Soon you will be given a way to reset the upgrades of the ship!

    Which means: now you can make changes on your ships’ upgrades whenever you want.
    For example, you can put all the points to collecting-related upgrades when you go to collect from a Resource Island.

    Plus, there will be two exciting items:

    1. An item that can increase Ship Upgrade level cap
    2. An item that can increase Ship Upgrade Points
    (Limited by max additional Ship Upgrade Points)

    8. Swap Ship Places System Added
    Wasn’t it annoying an old ship you never use occupies your very first slot when you’re trying to organize your strongest fleet ever?

    Don’t worry, now you can swap their places!
    How about you put your unwanted OR cargo-only ships at the back, bring your brand-new ships to the front?

    9. Login to other servers when your main server is under maintenance
    What do you do during maintenance?
    Check this out: you can hang out with other Lords you have on live servers!
    In a case of server maintenance, you’ll be automatically redirected to a live server whenever you log in so you’ll never be bored!

    Now Oceans & Empires is open 24/7!

    ※ Update schedule and contents are subject to change.

    That ends GM Marigold’s summary of next update!
    We’ll do our best to always provide you with the best gaming experience with each update.

    Thank You.