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[NOTICE] Update notice & Patch Note (August 3 18:00 ~ 21:00 PDT)

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  • [NOTICE] Update notice & Patch Note (August 3 18:00 ~ 21:00 PDT)

    Hello, my Lords.
    This is GM Marigold of Oceans & Empires.

    This is about the upcoming update, scheduled for August 3 PDT.
    Please check below for details.

    [Oceans & Empire Update Overview]

    1. Update Schedule
    - August 3 18:00 ~ 21:00 (PDT)

    2. Update Details

    [New Features]
    (1) Alliance Daily Event Added
    → Complete daily missions, like the Daily Events, with your Alliance Members, earn points and compete with other Alliances!
    - Monday: Collecting at resource islands
    - Tuesday: Trading
    - Wednesday: Hunting monsters
    - Thursday: Fighting Empire Troops
    - Friday, Saturday, Sunday: PvP
    → There are 3 kinds of rewards: Point Achievement Reward, Daily Ranking Reward, and Weekly Ranking Reward.
    - Point Achievement Reward: you can obtain it whenever you collect certain event points.
    - Daily Ranking Reward: rewards will be sent out to the Alliance Members of the top 30 Alliances based on the rankings at 17:00 PDT on the next day.
    - Weekly Ranking Reward: rewards will be sent out to the Alliance Members of the top 30 Alliances based on the rankings at 17:00 PDT on every Monday.

    (2) [Arsenal] Added
    → You can store equipment in [Arsenal] to obtain points, and get buffs based on your points.
    → This building unlocks at Castle Level 12.
    → Points you can earn by storing equipment varies depending on Tier and Slots the equipment.
    → It can have up to 18 slots.
    → You cannot store equipment you are currently wearing. But you can retrieve stored equipment at any time.
    → New quest [Upgrade Arsenal] has been added.
    ※ Points will decrease when you retrieve your equipment from Arsenal and buffs from the building can be affected by that action.

    (3) [Trading Post] Added
    → You can exchange new item Sea Waybill for resources occasionally at Trading Post.
    → This building unlocks at Castle Level 9.
    - Sea Waybill can be obtained from merchant ships that travel to and from Trading Posts.
    → When you upgrade [Trading Post], time needed for trading will decrease and the number of available slots will increase.
    → When you exchange Sea Waybill on slots with multipliers, the goods you receive will be multiplied by that number.
    → When you exchange Sea Waybill on slots with Alliance ensign, you can send bonus items to your Alliance members after you complete the exchange
    → New quests [Upgrade Trading Post] and [Use Trading Post] has been added.

    (4) New Alliance Skill [Giant Killer] Added
    → When you use this skill, it will increase ship firepower of Alliance Members within Alliance Territory during Raid for a period of time

    (5) New Treasure [Amphitrite's Blessing] Added
    → Protects ship from sinking ONE TIME within 1 hour after activating this skill.
    → [Amphitrite's Blessing] can be obtained through defeating Boss Monsters.
    → New Challenge “The Remains of Myth” has been added.
    ※ Even if your ship does not sink after using this Treasure Skill, its effect will be gone after 1 hour.

    (6) New Item Added
    → New buff item
    - Trade Voyage Boost (6 Hrs) by 125%
    - Hunting Voyage Boost (6 Hrs) by 125%

    → Edict of Ship Refurbishment
    - Increase your ship upgrade max level by 1

    → Sea Waybill
    - Exchange for goods at Trading Post

    → New Equipment material
    - Reforged Iron Bar: Garment
    Increases ship armor when joining Rally
    - Ship Repair Tool: Garment
    Increases ship durability when joining Rally

    (7) Ship Upgrade Reset System Added
    → You can now use Gold to reset ship upgraded.
    - Amount of Gold needed will vary depending on your ship.
    - Your resources, speed ups and Gold used for ship upgrades will not be returned when you reset.

    (8) Ship Upgrade Point Purchase System Added
    → You can now use Gold to purchase Ship Upgrade points.
    - You will get 100 points every time you purchase.
    - Points you can purchase are limited by max Ship Upgrade points.

    (8) Ship Sailing Order Changing Feature Added
    → You can change ship sailing order at Dock level 13 or higher.

    (9) Login to the Live Server Feature Added
    → When you have several Lords on your account, and some of servers are under maintenance, you’ll be automatically redirected to a live server with the highest Castle Lv.
    - If your Castle Levels are identical, it prioritizes the character that was created first.
    - Now the Lord in the server which is under maintenance will display “Under maintenance” as status on Change Lord screen.

    [System Improvements]
    (1) Boss Monsters Improved
    → New Boss Monster Aquaniis (Lv. 24 - 32) has been added.
    - Level of Boss Monsters depends on levels of Lords in the server.
    → Now you can see which type of ship is the most effective against Boss Monsters by tapping the Boss Monsters.
    → When a Boss Monster is killed, it will be announced in the server chatroom
    → Now HP bar of Boss Monsters will use three different colors so it will be easy to tell how much damage has been done to it.
    - Green ▶ Yellow ▶ Red
    → Rewards from Boss Monsters have been changed.
    - New Treasure Set: Amphitrite's Blessing
    - Medals of Honor
    - Figurehead Chests and Fragments
    ​- Boss monster which appeared on 5:00 17:00 PDT as an additional boss monster for the event will no longer show up.
    ※ Only Common Figurehead Chests and Fragments will be dropped from Boss Monsters.
    ※ Aestaros will no longer spawns in the oceans.
    (2) Whale Islands Improved
    → Only 100%, 200% of Bonus rate of Whale Island will appear from now on.
    → When Whale Island is depleted, a celebratory mail will be sent to Alliance Members.
    - Mail will include 200 Gems of the Abyss
    ※ Celebratory mail will be sent when remaining resources of the Island hit 0 and only Alliance Members with Lv. 7 Castle or higher can receive the mail.

    (3) Miscellaneous
    → No more Free Packs will be issued.
    → Icon for Tier 5 Equipment Case has been renewed.
    → Now when you tap any empty space on Gates of Challenge details screen, you will be moved to the list of Legends of the Past.
    → Now all Rankings will be refreshed in real-time.
    → A confirmation pop-up window will appear when you try to sell a ship with Figurehead.
    → Now you can find how many Cannons you have when you are upgrading Gates.
    → New players’ Dominions will no longer spawn inside the Territory of the Empire Troops.
    → Daily Event Reward for Monday and Wednesday has been changed from Capture Devices to Gems of the Abyss.
    → Now the City Conquest will no longer start immediately when a City is abandoned after being occupied for more than 7 days.

    [Bug Fixes]
    (1) Now the amount of logged out time on Lord Change screen shows correctly.
    (2) Battle Report will no longer show you wrong information about sinking of your ships.
    (3) Fixed a bug that made other works display abnormally when you are on Work Status screen and new works are added.
    (4) Now information on View Progress displays properly even you use Speed Ups.
    (5) Now the game screen will no longer be moved when you tap the Shipwreck.
    (6) Fixed a bug that caused icons of rewards are not showing.
    (7) Fixed a bug that caused wrong messages to show up when you return others’ Supporting Fleets.
    (8) Fixed a bug that caused ships’ durability to drop when servers restart.
    (9) Fixed a bug that showed an increase of all stats, instead of Gate durability alone on Gates details screen when you have “Increases Gate Durability” buff.

    ※ In-game time will not pass during server maintenance.
    ※ You will not be able to login to the game during server maintenance.
    ※ Maintenance period and changes are subject to change.

    We will do our best to provide better gameplay experience for you.
    Thank you.