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[NOTICE] Get ready for the second bunch of update in August!

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  • [NOTICE] Get ready for the second bunch of update in August!

    Hello, my Lords.
    I’m GM Marigold, here with another sneak peek on August update.

    Read on to find out the juicy details!

    [Update Details]

    1. Two New Ships Added
    There will be new cargo ship and armored ship.
    These new ships will be same tier with the current strongest ship, Vulcan.

    You can unlock them at Royal Academy through Researching.

    This will spice up your strategy!

    2. New PvP Content: the Grand Arena
    Here’s your chance to shine!
    You can battle Lords from every server at the Grand Arena.

    Register your PvP battle fleet, challenge high ranked Lords and receive rewards depending on your rank per day / season.

    Your ships and troops will not receive any damage during battle, so relax and battle away!

    3. New Lord Skills
    Hooray! New Lord Skills to be unlocked at Lord Lv. 45!

    There will be upgraded versions of current Lord Skills, and specialized Skills for the Grand Arena so keep your eyes peeled!

    4. Seasonal Quest Added
    New time-sensitive missions will make appearance.

    These Seasonal Quests will disappear after their allowed time.
    You can tap Marigold to view the list of available Seasonal Quests.

    5. Cave Rebalanced
    If you have ships stored in Cave, you will no longer be able to assign troops to those ships.

    Some players have been storing their troops in the Cave to prevent they got killed, and it has been concluded as a behavior that affects general Oceans & Empires gameplay in a negative way.

    Please respect our decision to improve gaming environment for all players.

    6. Server-wide Congratulatory Rewards for Successful Equipment Crafting / Upgrade Rebalanced
    Server-wide rewards for successful Equipment Crafting / Upgrade will be tweaked.

    Rewards on Castle Lv. 1 – 30 will be reduced but rewards on Lv. 31 and above will be increased.

    Also instead of Gold, rewards will now include Gems of the Abyss and Combination Gloves will not be included any more, as requested by many Lords.

    Update details and schedule are subject to change.

    That concludes the sneak peek of August Update.
    Not all of these details will not be live, but when that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know.

    Thank you!