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[NOTICE] Update notice & Patch Note ( 8/29 18:00 ~ 8/29 22:00 PDT)

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  • [NOTICE] Update notice & Patch Note ( 8/29 18:00 ~ 8/29 22:00 PDT)

    Hello, my Lords.
    This is GM Marigold from Oceans & Empires.

    I’m here to guide you through the upcoming August 29 update.
    Please check below for details.

    [Oceans & Empires Update Guide]

    1. Update Schedule
    - 8/29 18:00 ~ 8/29 22:00 PDT(extended)

    2. Update Details

    [New Features]
    (1) [The Grand Arena]
    → [The Grand Arena], which allows you to battle players from all servers, has been added.
    → At [he Grand Arena], you can challenge a player whose rank is higher than you to battle.
    → Only [Naval Combat] and [Onboard Combat] will happen at the Grand Arena, and your ship durability will be maxed when you start a battle.
    → You can only form 10 ships to participate in [the Grand Arena].
    → Daily Rank refreshes at every 09:00 PD
    ※ Ships and troops that participated in battle will not be damaged, regardless of the outcome of the battle.
    ※ If you upgrade a ship or equip a Figurehead, reform-your Grand Arena fleet to reflect any modifications you have made.the changed stat reflected.

    ※ Dominion-related conditional buffs like [When Attacking Dominion] or [When Defending Dominion] will not be applied in the Grand Arena.

    (2) New Ships
    → Tier 13 cargo ship [Cruisez] has been added.
    - Build this ship by using n[Steel Cannon].
    - It has the biggest capacity and can carry the biggest number of troops.
    → Tier 13 armored ship [Warrior] has been added.
    - Build this ship by using [Paixhans].
    - It has the highest durability.
    ※ New ships require Lv. 32 Shipyard.
    ※ You must complete related researches at Royal Academy first

    (3) [Seasonal Quests]
    → New time-sensitive quests have been added.
    → Tap [Marigold] to check [Seasonal Quest] section for quests and rewards.
    → Seasonal Quests have 3 phases, just like [Daily Quests] depending on the Castle levels.
    - Phase 1 ▶ Castle Lv. 1 - 10
    - Phase 2 ▶ Castle Lv. 11 - 19
    - Phase 3 ▶ Castle Lv. 20 - 32
    → Mission button has done added to the lower menu in your Dominion.

    (4) 3rd Class Conquest Order Combination
    → You can now combine 3rd Class Conquest Orders to obtain 2nd Class Conquest Orders.
    ※ You will need to combine five 3rd Class Conquest Orders to obtain one1 2nd Class Conquest Order.

    (5) New Items
    → [Boons] have been added to help low-level Lords grow faster!
    → List of [Boons]

    - Construction ▶ decreases cost and time for constructions
    - Research ▶ decreases cost and time for researching
    - Voyage ▶ increases voyage speed
    ※ [Boons]’ can be used only before you reach Castle Lv. 26.
    (The buffs disappear once you reach Castle Lv. 26)

    (6) New Lord Skill
    → Boss Monster and Grand Arena related lord skills have been added.
    → You can learn these new Lord Skills when you reach required Lord level.

    (7) Sea Waybills and Daily Quest Rewards
    → Sea Waybill (Exp) has been added to Trading Post.
    → Stage 16 Reward has been added to Daily Quests.
    - You can get Sea Waybill (Exp) as a stage 16 reward.

    (8) Figurehead Option Checking Feature
    → When you tap and hold down the Figurehead icon in Details on ships, you will be able to check the options of equipped Figureheads.

    [System Improvements]
    (1) Changes in Ship Stored in Cave
    → When you store a ship in Cave, all your Troops will be sent to the Reviewing Stand.
    → Ships stored in Cave will not be reflected in your Power Lv.

    (2) Changes in Conquest
    → When your Alliance gives up a City, your Alliance will be temporary temporarily participate in Conquests.
    → When you give up a city, you will not be allowed to participate in Conquests for 24 hours.
    Ex)/ If you give up City B after you give up City A and your remaining penalty time is 16 hours, then your remaining total penalty time is 24 hours.
    → Even when you give up more than one city, your penalty will not be longer than 24 hours.

    (3) Improved Boss Monster Report
    → Battle Report now show ‘“My Contribution’” instead of ‘“My Decreased Power Lv.’”

    (4) Miscellaneous
    → Lord Skill window will now show the most recently learned Lord Skills first.
    → Some of the server-wide rewards for crafting/upgrading Equipment to Tier 7 Slot 6 or higher, have been changed.
    → Now when you reach Rank 1 – 3 at Alliance Daily Event, upon checking Alliance points, your Lord name and point will be colored in yellow.
    → Revamped the reward of the daily event <Armament enhancement> (added)
    - before: Certain Points upon upgrading an equipment with a certain number of the slot.
    - after: 10 points for every Gem of the Abyss used.

    [Bug Fixes]
    (1) Fixed a bug that showed “Ship Repair” option when ship durability increasing buffs were applied.
    (2) Fixed a bug that did not permit Peace Shield when you’re attacking a Resource Island which is not occupied by other players.
    (3) Now increased Treasure Chance buff will show in Lord Talent screen.
    (4) Now Battle Report will show all of the buffs you have correctly
    (5) Remaining time in Trading Post will no longer glitch.
    (6) Now Alliance city population ranking show properly.
    (7) Fixed a bug showing “You have no Alliance!” message in Alliance-related rankings when you have an Alliance, but if your Alliance is not within Rank 1,000.
    (8) Fixed app crashes that happen when you tap Marigold’s messages.

    ※ In-game time will not pass during server maintenance.
    ※ You will not be able to login to the game during server maintenance.
    ※ Maintenance period and changes are subject to change.

    We will do our best to provide better gameplay experience for you.

    Thank you.