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[NOTICE] Update notice & Patch Note ( 9/26 18:00 ~ 22:00 PDT)

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  • [NOTICE] Update notice & Patch Note ( 9/26 18:00 ~ 22:00 PDT)

    My Lords!
    We will be having a server maintenance for the major update!
    Please check the details and patch note below for your guidance.

    1. Maintenance Period
    - 9/26 18:00 ~ 22:00 PDT

    2. Details
    (1) Added Grand Arena Shop
    → Added Grand Arena Shop where you can purchase an item with Arena Seals.
    → You can buy the seasonal equipment and Ship Skin.
    - Equipment: Seasonal Equipment in Tier 7, 8 of all part.
    - Ship Skin: Turtle Ship(Korea), Atakebune Ship(Japan), Oseberg Ship(Viking)
    ※ Seasonal equipment can acquire up to 3 redundant options.
    ※ Once the Ship Skin is equipped, the shape changes and the buff applies.
    ※ Seasonal Item will be expired after 20days from the purchase made.(The counting will start immediately once purchased.

    (2) Added Title system
    → Now you can acquire Title upon the requirement has been met
    → Equipped title will give you a buff
    → Variety Title icon and chatting frame will be applied accorded the Title

    (3) Added New Boss Monster
    → 27 ~ 32 level Boss Monster 'Behemoth' has been added.
    → Reward from Boss Monster has been changed.
    - Legacy of Glorious Myth
    - Common Figurehead Fragments
    - Gem of the Abyss
    - Sunken Ship Salvage 15 Min Speed Up

    ※ 'Aquanis' will regenerate no longer.

    (4) Added Mileage store
    → Added a store where you can purchase items using mileage.
    - 1/100 of the package price will be earned as Mileage
    ※ Mileage doesn't have an expiration date.
    ※ Mileage will be given to the lord character that made a purchase

    (5) Added "Imbue Equipment with Power" Feature
    → Added a feature to imbue Equipment with power. (Effective only for Equipment with Tier 8 or higher)
    → Imbue Power Ticket item can be purchased in the [ETC] section of the Gold store
    ※ Special power will be given randomly.

    (6) Added filter to the Inventory
    → Each tab of the Inventory will be given a filter that will manage the tab to display desired items only.

    (7) Added Seasonal boon item
    → When purchasing the Item, the boon buff will be applied for a certain period of time.

    [System Improvements]
    (1) Revamped Ship sinking system
    → Sinking ship will be restored automatically after a certain period when the ship sinks

    ※ The time required for recovery will depend on the ship's tier.
    ※ You can shorten the recovery time by using gold or Ships Restoration speed up item.
    ※ When the ship is restored, the durability of the ship is set to 1.
    ※ General Speed Up cannot be used for ship restoration.
    ※ A sunken ship cannot be stored in a cave.
    ※ The new system will not be applied to the ships that were sunken before the update.Those ships that were sunken before the update will disappear 24 hours after the sinking still.

    (2) Re-balanced Equipment Plundering system
    → Added Buff that can reduce the recovery time of the plundered item.
    → The recovery time of the plundered item can be reduced by the research of the Royal Academy, Equipment with power, and the Title.

    (3) Grand Arena
    → The ending time of the season will display at the top of the daily reward icon
    → The Lord ranked 50 or higher will also be matched with a lower ranking lord in the Grand Arena.
    → The Battle list has been expanded.
    - Before: 20
    - After: 50
    ※ Ranking will not be changed if you play the Arena with the lower ranking lord
    ※ Grand Arena Ranking Reward will be renewed for every season.

    (4) Revamped Trading Post system
    → Bonus multiples will be applied to Sea Waybill rather than slots.
    - Before: Multiplies appears in slot ▶ Register Sea Waybill
    - After: Register Sea Waybill ▶ Get Multiplied Reward (in certain rate)

    (5) Other changes
    → Craftsman's Command will affect all buildings under construction.
    → The accumulated Purchase Reward has been removed. Buff will be given instead.
    → Arranged how to set sail to Resource island
    - Before: Select ▶ Warning message will be exposed if the island is under other Lord ▶ Form the fleet and begin sailing
    - After: Select ▶Form the fleet and begin sailing ▶ Warning message will be exposed if the island is under other Lord
    → Now the coordinates of the lord who was supported with your ship will be displayed in the work status instead of your coordinates.
    → Now the lord aged 7days or more cannot move to other servers.

    [Bug Fixes]
    (1) Fixed a bug that caused the Figurehead not to be unequipped
    (2) Fixed a bug that caused the Grand Arena daily reward status to be shown incorrectly.
    (3) Fixed a bug causing one alliance to occupy the trading cities more than the limit.
    (4) Fixed a bug that caused the peace shield history not to be listed if it is caused by attacking a Dominion that is currently assaulting.

    ※ In-game time will not flow during server maintenance.
    ※ You will not be able to login to the game during server maintenance.
    ※ Maintenance time and details are subject to change.

    Thank you for your continued support.
    We will try our best to return it with a pleasant environment & exciting game content.