Hello Lords!
This is GM Marigold!

We are here to announce another server merge that will happen this coming Nov 1, 2017 PDT. The servers that will undergo a merge are listed below.

Schedule: 11/1/2017 18:00 ~ 23:00 PDT - Subject to Change
Target Servers: 7 + 8 Servers
- United Empire#7 + United Empire#8
※ Merge Server Name : Veteran Empire#3

Server Merge Details:

(1) Dominion location

→ Your Dominion will be randomly placed when you log in for the first time after the merge.
→ A Royal Migration Ticket will be provided so you can move to your desired location.
→ All Dominions will be in Inactive State after the merge but time will have passed, just like in Active State even when your Dominion is in Inactive State.

(2) City Conquest
→ City Conquests will continue normally, before to server merge.
→ Upon merge, all trade cities will not be owned by anyone.
→ Opened trade city list will follow the records of the oldest server.

(3) Alliance
→ All Alliance buildings will be retrieved upon server merge and max Relocation Points will be provided.
→ Alliance names will not be changed.
→ The following Alliance-related data will not be changed.

- Alliance Skill
- Alliance Research
- Alliance Research, Skill and Construction Support
- Resources in Alliance Depot

※ Alliance Trade Info and resource support time will be reset.

(4) Fleets will be returned automatically
→ Ships and Fleet that were collecting, supporting other fleets, or hunting will be returned to your Dominion automatically.

(5) Battles
→ All your Battle Reports will be deleted.
→ All your bookmarked coordinates will be deleted.
→ Equipment plundered 24 hours before server merge will be returned to the original owner.

(6) Chats
→ All server chat logs will be reset.

(7) Server Change Support
→ Server Change Support Points as you used in merged server, will be reflected.

(8) Trade City information will be reset
→ All Market Price Info will be reset.

(9) Miscellaneous
→ Daily Event
- Points you have earned before merge will be reflected in the merged server.
→ Mails with no attachments will be deleted.

※ Mails with attachments will be saved but we recommend that you receive the attached items before the merge.
※ Server merge schedule is subject to change.
※ The sea map size will not change.

Oceans & Empires has prepared rewards and events to celebrate the server merge.
Please be on the lookout!

Thank you.