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​[EVENT] Guild X Winning Streaks

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  • ​[EVENT] Guild X Winning Streaks

    Guild X Winning Streaks

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Anyone from the guild wins a certain streak?
    Up to ★3~5 Goods reward to all guild members!

    - 5 Winning Streaks: Goods x2
    - 10 Winning Streaks: ★3~5 Goods x1


    - Win 5/10 winning streaks and all guild members will be rewarded!
    - No reward will be delivered if you are not in a guild
    - 5/10 winning streak reward is only available once
    - Guild reward will be delivered only once
    - Reward will be sent to mailbox until 5/9 PDT

    Event Period:

    4/27 ~ Until Maintenance on 5/3 PDT

    4/27 ~ Until Maintenance on 5/3 UTC/GMT

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