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[EVENT] 50% OFF on VIP Fragment Draw & Gem Purchase Bonus Event!

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  • [EVENT] 50% OFF on VIP Fragment Draw & Gem Purchase Bonus Event!

    50% OFF on VIP Fragment Draw & Gem Purchase Bonus Event!

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Here comes the 2-in-1 event!

    i. 50% OFF on VIP Fragment Draw: 60 Gems per 1 try!

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 5/18 ~ TBA PDT

    After Maintenance on 5/18 ~ TBA UTC/GMT

    ii. Gem Purchase Bonus

    - 100 Gems + Bonus (5B JOY)
    - 300 Gems + Bonus (Luxury Pts. 50 + Super Counter Shadow Card x1)
    - 500 Gems + Bonus (Luxury Pts. 100 + Gem Coupon x1)
    - 1,000 Gems + Bonus (Luxury Pts. 250 + Gem Coupon x2 + Goods EXPx10 Enhancement Kit x1)

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 5/18 ~ Before Maintenance on 5/25 PDT

    After Maintenance on 5/18 ~ Before Maintenance on 5/25 UTC/GMT

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