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[EVENT] Collect Gem Coupons and get up to 1,000 gems!

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  • [EVENT] Collect Gem Coupons and get up to 1,000 gems!

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    Collect Gem Coupons and get up to 1,000 gems!

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Get Gem Coupon from Premium Skill Card Draw / Bonus on Gem Purchase
    Material Reward Quantity Craft Count
    Gem Coupon 200 Gems 1 999
    Gem Coupon 500 Gems 3 999
    Gem Coupon 1,000 Gems +
    Gem Coupon x1
    5 999

    - How to get Gem Coupon:

    i. Random Chance: Premium Skill Card Draw / Special Combine

    ii. 100% Chance: 500, 1,000 Gems Item Purchase Bonus

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 5/18 ~ Before Maintenance on 6/1 PDT

    After Maintenance on 5/18 ~ Before Maintenance on 6/1 UTC/GMT

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