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​[EVENT] Chance to get New ★6 Skills!

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  • GM_Mary
    started a topic ​[EVENT] Chance to get New ★6 Skills!

    ​[EVENT] Chance to get New ★6 Skills!

    Chance to get New ★6 Skills!

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Purchase 300/500/1,000 Gems item from Shop and get ‘Star Coin’!
    * Random amount of Star Coin will be delivered

    Exchange ‘Star Coin’ to ★6 No Entry, Dream Pack, ★6 Skill Card and more from <Craft>!
    * Star Coin can be exchanged to ★4~5 Goods / ★4~5 Skill Card/ ★6 Skill Card

    * ★6 No Entry Hologram Effect : Dice Control +60% (Until 6/30 8:00am PDT)
    * ★6 No Entry can be exchanged with 100 Start Coin
    * Star Coins can only be exchanged at Craft during Event Period

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 5/25 ~ Before Maintenance on 6/1 PDT

    After Maintenance on 5/25 ~ Before Maintenance on 6/1 UTC/GMT

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  • jinwilim0104
    commented on 's reply
    Seems yes.

  • Angel19831
    Hi new to game. How do you earn star coins? Is purchasing gems the only way to earn them?

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