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[EVENT] Secret Reagent found in Prince’s Laboratory!

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  • [EVENT] Secret Reagent found in Prince’s Laboratory!

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    Secret Reagent found in Prince’s Laboratory!

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Collect craft items from event map and get rewards!

    1. Recipes

    - Green Magic Reagent x2 > Yummy Recipe x1

    - Green Magic Reagent x2 + Yellow Magic Reagent x2 > Refreshing Recipe x1

    - Pink Magic Reagent x1 > Exotic Recipe x1

    2. Items(Get 1 random from list)

    - Yummy Recipe : Premium Skill Card x2 / Premium Character x3 / 50,000 Gold

    - Refreshing Recipe : ★2~3 Goods x1 / 3B JOY / Goods EXP x10 x1

    - Exotic Recipe : Gem Pouch x1 / ★5 Skill Card x1 / ★4~5 Goods x1

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 6/1 ~ Before Maintenance on 6/8 PDT/UTC/GMT

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