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​[EVENT] Weekend Play Match Event!

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  • ​[EVENT] Weekend Play Match Event!

    Weekend Play Match Event!

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Play matches and win easy rewards!

    Play 1 Match -> City Conqueror x5 + Add Takeover x5

    Play 3 Matches -> Premium Skill Card x3

    Play 5 Matches -> Broomstick x1

    Play 10 Matches -> ★4~5 Skill Card x1

    * 2 times per account
    * Check from Mission


    Win 20B in a match and get Gem Pouch x1!

    * Once per account
    * Check from Mission

    Event Period:

    6/3 17:00 ~ 6/5 17:00 PDT

    6/4 2:00 ~ 6/5 2:00 UTC/GMT

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