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  • ​[EVENT] VIP Gift

    VIP Gift

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    As a thank you gift, various rewards will be sent according to VIP Lv!

    - VIP 3 : ★5 Skill Card x1

    - VIP 5 : Apple Magnet of July Goods x1 (~Usable until 7/31 8:00am PDT)

    - VIP 7 : ★5 Goods x1

    - VIP 9 : ★6 Skill Card x1 + 1,000 Gems

    * Rewards will be sent to mailbox according to VIP Level at the start of Maintenance on 6/30

    * Rewards for lower level will be sent as well

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 6/22 ~ Before Maintenance on 6/30 PDT/UTC/GMT

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