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[NOTICE] Sincere Apologize from JOYCITY

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  • [NOTICE] Sincere Apologize from JOYCITY

    Greetings, cherished contestants of the Genius League

    This is Business Team in charge of Game of Dice.

    We, first and foremost, would like to deliver our sincerest apologizes for recent issues.

    We deeply understand that our reactions to last ’Unauthorized Program’ issue and yesterday’s ‘Special Combine Bug’ issue may not have been fair and gave disappointments to our users.

    When the Unauthorized Program issue arose few weeks ago, we have failed to recognize the issue at the early stage. JOYCITY did not mean to favor certain users; however, we thought it was too late for us to blame it on users which led the punishment to be soft. We apologize for the late action and short thoughts.

    The lesson we learnt from Unauthorized Program issue was that punishment has to be just and proper. This standard was carried out on recent Special Combine bug issue. However, this time the problem was that we neglected who were truly to be blamed. The cause for the bug and failed management were our blunder. Although we were supposed to apologize to our users and explain the issue in advance, we have immediately blocked users instead. Denunciations from all users regarding to our actions are valid and will be taking it seriously. We promise you that we will reform our policies to operate better service.

    We apologize for showing inconsistency in carrying out policies.

    The followings are how we will make things better:

    1. All items obtained through exploitation of bugs will be retrieved and all banned users will be lifted after coming Maintenance on 7/13 PDT.

    2. We will operate the game and service in accordance with Management Policy we’ve promised.

    3. We will soon post notice to help everyone easily understand our policies regarding misusage of Bugs and Unauthorized Programs.

    4. After coming Maintenance on 7/13 PDT, ★6 Skill Card will be given to everyone as means of apology.

    We promise you that incidents similar to the ones you have encountered will be prevented by all means.

    Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


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        Sincere apologies can be part of the apology that is given by a person who has done something wrong. The actual meaning of sincere apology is a loud and clear apology for someone's actions. Here you get test and manage their business tips. A sincere apology tells others that there is no one to blame in this situation, as it was an unfortunate accident or mistake on his or her part.


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