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[EVENT] Sanrio Skill Cards & Hello Kitty Dream Pack!

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  • [EVENT] Sanrio Skill Cards & Hello Kitty Dream Pack!

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    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    New Sanrio Skill Cards and Dream Pack has arrived!

    Let's check out what came!

    1. New ★6 Sanrio Skill Cards!

    ​★6 Over-and-Over : For 2 turns, if selected character doesn't pay toll fee, move selected character to one of my random properties

    ★​6 ​Move Forward : Immediately move 1 block forward

    - Hologram Effect: Dice Control +60% (~Until Maintenance on 8/18)

    2. Use 2,000 Gems and get Hello Kitty Dream Pack x1! (10 times per account)

    * Hello Kitty Dream Pack is purchasable at Luxury Shop as well

    Hello Kitty Dream Pack:

    - Get 1 random ★​6​ Over-and-Over / ★​6 Move Forward / ★​6​ Vaulting / ★​6​ Doodling / ★​6​ Out of the Way / ★​6​ Lucky Flag / ★​6​ Backstep / ★​5 ​Cultivate City / ★​5​ Item Hunter​

    Event Period:

    7/23 8:00 ~ Before Maintenance on 7/27 PDT

    7/23 15:00 ~ Before Maintenance on 7/27 UTC/GMT

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    Hi GM_Mary,

    I was really happy to see the Hello Kitty Dream Pack become available after the recent update/maintenance. I like the idea of "Over and Over", but I'm presuming that it's breakable. I have had "Doodling" for some time and I think that it's a great card to have (especially late game). Of them all, I'd have to say that "Doodling" and "Lucky Flag" seem the most promising.

    I do not have "Lucky Flag" though, and thus, I have tried to obtain it by buying it from the Hello Kitty Dream pack. Sadly (actually tragically)...after spending 3,000 luxury points...I now can say (albeit not proudly haha) that I own three "Cultivate City" cards.


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              Sanrio has introduced a new weaver game series of dream cards for Hello Kitty! The Dream Pack includes a Hello Kitty charm, a Sanrio plush toy, and a Sanrio dream card. The charm is a little plush toy that you can attach to your keychain, and it comes in Hello Kitty's signature pink color.


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