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​[EVENT] Shine your Goods

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  • ​[EVENT] Shine your Goods

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    If there’s Hologram for Skill Cards, there’s Shiny for Goods!

    1. Shiny Goods (Hologram Effects)(~Until maintenance on 8/24 PDT)

    - Shiny Body Oil : Chance to activate +30%

    - Shiny Architect’s Artbook : Activation Rate +30%

    - Shiny Royal Fodder : Activation Rate +30%

    - Shiny Bomb Necklace : Activation Rate +3%

    - Shiny Cheering Doll : Activation Rate +15%

    2. How to get

    - Randomly obtained when refining ★4~5 Goods

    - Craft ★5 Goods + Catalyst

    : Catalyst can be bought from Luxury Shop

    3. Catalysts can be crafted to 200 Luxury Pts.

    4. Get Shiny Goods during Event Period and receive 500 Gems + EXP Kit x20 x1 (Once per Shiny Goods)

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 7/27 ~ Before Maintenance on 8/3 PDT/UTC/GMT

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