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​[EVENT] New Charcters! New System!

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  • ​[EVENT] New Charcters! New System!

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Along with the new update, check out the events for Game of Dice Characters!

    1. Purchase any Character for 800,000 Gold! (3 times per account)

    2. Surfer Doria!

    - Obtain ★5 PLATINUM Surfer Doria and get 500,000 Gold!

    - Obtain ★5 DIAMOND Surfer Doira and get 1,000,000 Gold!

    3. Genius League!

    - Get ★5 Normal Character for 10 times!

    - 1st purchase discount : 400 Gems > 200 Gems

    - 5 Consecutive Draw discount : 2,000 Gems > 800 Gems

    4. Bella Cruz

    - Get ★5 Pirate & Mysterious Mansion Characters for 7 times!

    : Liz, Anthony, Kai, Surfer Doria, Prince, Lucy, Sophia)

    - 1st purchase discount : 600 Gems > 400 Gems

    - 5 Consecutive Draw discount : 3,000 Gems > 1,800 Gems

    ※ Previous Character Care Event

    - PPL Character added at Craft
    - Exchange Lv.20 ★5 DIAMOND Character to a random ★5 DIAMOND Character

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 8/3 ~ Before Maintenance on 8/17 PDT/UTC/GMT

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