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[NOTICE] Crash Issues

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  • [NOTICE] Crash Issues

    After the Update on 8/3(Wed), we found out some of devices were undergoing Crash during game match.

    The department in charge is checking the problem, and we will fix it to stabilize the system as soon as possible and inform you the details through Notice.

    For customers who are experiencing the Crash: Please fill out the information below in the comment section and it will help us to fix the problem faster.

    Device information : (Device Type, OS version, Network Environment)

    Details : (What you were doing during the crash, in which part of game you experienced the Crash, etc…)

    We, Game of Dice members, apologize for the inconvenience and will strive to provide you more stable service operation.

    Thank you.

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    Phone: iPhone 6, iosx9.3.3, 4G speeds

    Details: random! sometimes during mini battle, generally when it's my turn the game will crash or just after my turn is more frequent


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      Hello Mary,

      I hope that you are well.

      I am posting this here as I have emailed JoyCity Support about this 4 times and I have heard nothing back at all. Also, I wrote a very long private message to 'you' about this, but sadly, when I hit SEND it told me that you don't have Private Messaging enabled.

      I then went to Facebook and told whomever is in charge of the GoD Facebook page there my problem. He/She said that that is the wrong place to post about this type of thing, and to email JoyCity support (which again, I have already done 4 times...).

      I then left you a post on this forum recently (albeit in a different thread) and I asked you to please email me or PM me here regarding this, but I have heard nothing back from you yet either. Maybe you didn't see my post yet.

      In any event, this is what I am PLEADING for you to help me with, and these are facts:

      1) I have purchased ALL four of the Sanrio characters (Keroppi, Cinnamoroll, Pom Pom and Melody). A picture showing that this is true is here:

      2) I did NOT get my Hello Kitty Shadow III card (which I believe comes with Keroppi). A picture showing that this is true, is here:

      3) ALL I want for someone at JoyCity Headquarters to do is: PLEASE give me my Hello Kitty Shadow III card. I have paid for product (i.e. all 4 characters) and did not receive what was advertised (i.e. all 4 Shadow III cards).

      Mary, I want to craft Hello Kitty...and I I did 'not' get my Hello Kitty Shadow III card.

      Again, I have written very nice emails to JoyCity Support about this 4 times (four times!) and I have received NO reply at all. Nothing.

      Please, please, please help me. You can PM me here or email me at if you need further information from me.

      Thank you VERY much in advance for any help you can give me Mary.



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        I just click somewhere then it will crash.
        I even cannot play any matches because it will crash at least four times in one match!
        Any help is appreciated!

        Device Type: ipad mini 3
        OS version: ios 9.3.4
        Network Environment: wifi

        Details: as attached (including crash report, system log and crash video)


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          I posted on facebook and even emailed you guys. Same crash issues. Same missing items. My friend's missing items.

          Seriously this sucks. I have good wifi and an updated IOS. Still crash every time I click on anything and randomly during matches. The new gold system sucks too. I'm VIP 8 and I can't buy gold over and over again? And it's random gold? What the heck happened to my 2m gold? That's why I was vip 8 in the first place; to get that extra gold. Not get a random 1-2.5m pouch item. I don't care about the new character system just that it's almost impossible to get gold, the prices of everything is too high with gold, and you get very little gold from anything.


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            Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
            Android 6.0.1
            Network: WiFi

            Some bugs I've noticed.

            - Odd Invitation does not work on the new Dolphin Board

            - Liz doesn't seem to have any sound effects

            - Guild Quest top 3 contributor ranking display is broken and doesn't show in order from highest contributor to lowest.


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              Device : BlueStacks
              Network : 60mps speed?

              I'm using BlueStacks and 2-3 days ago it updated itself and since then I can't get the game to work. It says the Google account has been unsuscribed and that it can't connect to the server. It really bugs me because I had just bought a 30 days 30 gem a day pack and I don't know how to get my money back


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                Players are abusing a bug with round trip at the start of a match.

                Round trip is causing cities to level up twice on the Dolphin Board when used at the start of the match while standing on 'Start'. This results to level 1 cities being raised to level 3 before all players even get around the board at least once. This abuse is causing a highly unfair advantage especially when Power Build and other high toll buffing cards come into play.
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                  The VIP magnet no longer works.. its says 20% trigger but never triggered once since the new map / update and I've played over 50 games in one sitting hoping it would work at least once... can you guys look into it please..


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                    I've lost 220 billion joy in 1.5 weeks of consistently crashing mid-match. My device is listed below.

                    Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3


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                      I haven't been able to play my game since the update. It keeps telling me "Check Your Internet Connection" when it's 39% downloaded.

                      Dell Inspiron 1525


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                        Game is no longer loading in FB Gameroom


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                          I’m a student, my friends told me since I’m a student and I don’t really like to write essays here, they did everything to me quickly and efficiently. Service operates at the highest level 24/7.


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