To all contestants of the Genius League!

Data patch for Game of Dice has been proceeded on 08/04(Thurs) PDT

Extra inspection will not be proceeded in Data Patch, but a certain amount of download will be required.

8/4(Fri) Data Patch Information

Date of Patch: 8/4 00:30 PDT


1. The period of Recipe to upgrade Shiny Goods with Shiny Goods Catalyst has been extended. (~8/10 17:00 PDT)
(Notice! You cannot obtain Shiny Goods in Draw and Refine anymore.)

2. Issue for selling Kero Kero Keroppi Dice Fragment for Gold has been fixed.
In case you sold Keroppi Dice for Gold before modification, Powder will be provided next week.

3. Event Skill Card(Takeover) will be provided in Aquamarine Map
Touching area in Craft Tap has been modified to scroll anywhere on Screen.

Customers who were already playing the game should reconnect and proceed the patch.

We are always endeavoring to provide the best game environment for you.

Thank you.