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[TIP] How to Post Images via Other Sources

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            Originally posted by GM_Mary View Post
            To all participants of the Genius League!

            Here is a guide on how to post images indirectly using different hosting image hosting services.

            1. Go to free image hosting service websties. (ex>, select Choose File, and UPLOAD NOW after selecting the image to upload.

            2. Copy and Paste HTML for Websites contents. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n1987[/ATTACH]

            3. Check Advanced Options HTML On - Convert Linebreaks or Don't Convert Linebreaks from the forum [ATTACH=CONFIG]n1983[/ATTACH]

            4. Copy and paste the copied contents from image hosting services and press post! [ATTACH=CONFIG]n1986[/ATTACH]

            5. Mission Accomplished! [ATTACH=CONFIG]n1985[/ATTACH]
            I don't quite understand how it works, could you record a short video guide about this problem, if you don't have an application at hand, then I can advise this . Thank you very much in advance


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