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  • ★★New MAGICAL DICE!★★

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    ★★New MAGICAL DICE!★★

    To all participants of the Genius League!

    Imagine if a Dice has magical abilities? Maybe it will shoot out lighting or curse the opponent and turn them into frogs!

    Our new Magical Dice may not have those kinds of magical abilities, but it has something special in it.

    Magical Dice features the new ability Sudden Growth! With our favorite Minibattle Duelist!

    Create the fresh new Magical Dice and get amazing rewards!

    Create ★3 Magical Dice and get 300 Gems!
    Create ★4 Magical Dice and get 500 Gems!
    Create ★5 Magical Dice and get ★5 Domino!

    * Magical Dice only appears at VIP Draw (Available at VIP 3 or higher)
    * Reward will be sent to your mailbox.

    Enjoy the newly added Magical Dice and let’s get ready to roll some Dice!

    Event Period:

    Ends Dec. 3rd
    PST: 16:00

    Ends Dec. 4th
    UTC/GMT: 0:00
    ICT: 7:00
    PHT: 8:00
    KST: 9:00

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        This mentioned game is similar to the movie Jumanji, whose movie I once watched. This might be fun. basketball legends unblocked.


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            I have a diamond Doria I just got her a couple of days ago, and she's doing a good job at bob the robber with me. is she tax immune?


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