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  • ◆◆ Game of Dice Official Release ◆◆

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    Are you ready for some Dice roll phenomenon?
    Game of Dice is up and ready to be enjoyed for players from all around the world!

    Takeover cities, collect tolls and out-wealth other players around the world!

    Play as various characters in the world of Game of Dice,
    ranging from telekinetic master to contract killer!
    You can also use skill cards such as counter-attack, ambush, high jump,
    and many more to turn the tide of the match!

    Various official release eventsawait all players with unique gifts like *
    100 Gems*,
    *Premium Character & Skill Card Tickets* and much more!

    Also, Coupon give-out for celebrating the official release of Game of Dice!
    Enter the coupon code "GAMEOFDICE" and get
    ★4 Character + 100Gems!

    # How to enter coupon code on Android device :
    Connect to the game > Go to "Settings" at the top right of the screen ('gear' icon)
    > Select "Enter Coupon" > Enter "GAMEOFDICE" at the redirected link.

    # How to enter coupon code on iOS device :
    Go to Coupon Registration page > Enter "GAMEOFDICE" at the redirected link

    *Coupon gift will be delivered to your mailbox after rebooting the game

    Download now
    and enjoy the game with players around the world!
    Download on Google Play:
    Download on App Store:

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    Hi! I can't type the code for iOS? The website have been moved?
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      Good day. Kindly check this link.


      • #4
        this 2 coupon code are still working
        gameofdice and godice


        • #5
          Godice is not working anymore lol
          Btw what is angelxdice
          is it a new coupon code or old
          I think it's only for Korean
          (all words are in korean)
          they didn't announce it here
          But I think some kind Korean share it to us
          In channel 14
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            GAMEOFDICE doesnt work for me


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              that coupon code is still working i tried it once i created a new account and it worked
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                Can someone check for the coupon registration on iOS?


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