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Game of Dice Official Release EVENTS!

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  • Game of Dice Official Release EVENTS!

    Game of Dice Official Release Events!

    To welcome all players to Game of Dice and phase up the speed of the game,
    many official release events are prepared! Participate and win TOO AWESOME gifts!

    1. Play matches and reach Lv.10 Event!

    - Play matches with players around the world and reach Lv.10 to get special gifts!

    2. Daily Login Event!

    1. A login sheet will be shown at every login.
    2. Touch the login sheet for a stamp, and reward will be sent to your mailbox.
    3. You must stamp the login sheet or reward will not be sent to your mailbox.
    *Logging in the next day will not be counted as continuous login, so please be sure to stamp the login sheet!

    3. First Purchase Event!

    - Purchase the recommended items during the event period and win ★4 Skill Card!
    *Player must reach Lv.3 in order to purchase the Start Bonus Package.

    4. Daily Hot Time Event!

    - Login at Hot Time of a day <12pm ~ 2pm>, <6pm ~ 8pm> and receive unique gifts!

    Don't miss this unique and easy chance to get awesome gifts!

    *Events listed above are for in-game only and can be checked after logging into the game.
    <Download on Google Play:>
    <Download on App Store:>

    - Other Game of Dice pages -

    <Game of Dice Facebook page:>

    <Game of Dice Twitter page:>