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★★January's VIP/VVIP Appreciation Event★★

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  • ★★January's VIP/VVIP Appreciation Event★★

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    ★★January's VIP/VVIP Appreciation Event★★

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Have you tried crafting unique and rare items with VIP/VVIP Cards?

    What is a VIP/VVIP Card? These cards can be exchanged for premium skill cards at CRAFT!

    To show our appreciation, we are giving out VIP/VVIP cards for our contestants!

    #1 VIP Card x2 at Daily Login Sheet

    #2 VIP Card can be purchased for 120 Pts. at Luxury Shop
    * Check Skill Card Draw > Luxury Shop

    #3 VVIP Card x1 for every $100 Spent!

    * 10 Cards Max. / Restart game to receive via mailbox

    *VVIP Card x2 for 1st $100 Spent until 1/3 4:00am PST
    Thank you for your support and love for Game of Dice!

    May Game of Dice be with you in 2016

    Shake off your hands, stretch your fingers,
    and let's get ready to roll some Dice!
    Event Period:

    Ends Jan. 31st
    PST: 16:00

    Ends Feb. 1st
    UTC/GMT: 0:00
    ICT(Bangkok): 7:00
    PHT(Manila): 8:00
    AEDT(Sydney): 11:00

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            January's VIP/VVIP Appreciation Event is just around the corner!

            As a professional, you know that being appreciated by your company is important. It's a sign that your hard work is recognized and that you are valued as an employee.

            That's why we're excited to announce our VIP/VVIP Appreciation Event, where we'll be honoring our top-performing employees with an exclusive event just for them.

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            So mark your calendars and make sure to attend January's VIP/VVIP Appreciation Event!


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