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♬★ Developer's Note - 4 ★♬

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  • ♬★ Developer's Note - 4 ★♬

    Hello all participants of the Genius League!

    Another Developer's Note has been delivered and it's about Free JOY charge and JOYmall Gold item price changes.

    Please read the text below for more detailed information.

    1. 200% faster time for free charge

    The previous 4 hr = 1 free chance will change to,
    2hr = 1 free chance after the update.
    We wanted to, and we decided to reduce the waiting time for our players to enjoy Game of Dice even more.

    +1 Free Joy charge

    +1 Free Joy charge count has been increased!
    Having a synergy effect with the 200% faster time for free charge, we wanted to lessen the burden of our players from playing in higher channels with the Free JOY charge changes.

    3. JOYmall Gold Item Changes

    Since the Free JOY charge will be buffed, price for Gold items in JOYmall will be changed.
    Because the Free JOY charge changes, there will be massive JOY flow in the game, and we wanted to stop that beforehand, and we would
    like the players to understand these changes; It’s to balance the game. Other items such as Character / Skill Card and cheaper Gold item
    prices won’t be changed.

    4. 150% increased Today’s Mission reward
    To make sure there won’t be any problems collecting Gold from Free JOY charge and Gold price change, Today’s Mission reward will be
    increased by 150%

    5. 200,000 Gold gift to celebrate the 1st Game of Dice update

    To celebrate the 1st update of Game of Dice, 200,000 Gold give out is planned for the update so stay tuned!


    Check up on the Developer’s Note for detailed update information!

    Go get your Gold and JOY and get ready to roll some more dice!

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    I like freebies and giveaways. But is it this year? drift f1.


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      At Genius League Academy, you will get to experience new and fun activities every week! word search


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        The word game you're looking for is called Weaver Game. When you start the game, you are given the task of creating a word ladder using the specified starting and ending words. If you're seeking for a Wordle or Scrabble substitute, this is a great option. Players can currently play Weaver Game on web browsers for free.


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          Developer's Note - 4 By default, the blog is showing the content of your posts one by one. Here you get stump removal that learn more new tips for removal. Most of the time you want to show it in a way that can be viewed from the front-end with just one click on the title of your post or you may even want to view it without showing any content until such time that user clicks on that link.