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  • ♬★ Developer's Note - 50 ★♬

    Greetings to all contestants of Genius League!

    This is Rica from Development Department of Game of Dice.
    Today we would like to talk about game balancing in general which will be done during this December.
    This is to give you a general guidance, and the details of game balancing will be announced in the future.

    1. Daily mission will be Enhanced and Refined
    Daily mission Goal and reward will be changed after Server Maintenance on 12/7 PST.
    Mission Goal Reward
    Play a Single Match x1 Premium Character x1
    Play a Single Match x2 Platinum Skill Card x1
    Play a Single Match x3 Goods Ticket x1
    Play a Team Match x1 Dice fragment pack x1
    Combine Skill Card x1 Growth Capsule x1
    Draw Skill Card x5 50k Gold
    Draw Character x10 Character Enforcer EXPx3 x1
    Draw Goods x5 Goods Enhancement Kit x1
    Draw Dice Fragments x3 Mystic Dust x20
    Win at Universe Channel x1 ★5 Material Skill Card x 1

    To give you better rewards on participating in a daily mission, we came up with new daily mission details.
    New mission reward could be a good source of Character / Goods enchantment material.

    2. ★5 Goods refinement cost will be lowered.
    Refining ★5 goods will cost less after Server Maintenance on 12/7 PST.
    We’ve noticed that lots of contestants are requesting to lower down the cost of refining ★5 goods.
    The refining of ★5 goods cost 400 gems currently, it will be lowered down to 200 gems.

    3. Set Maximum multiplier to toll fee
    Toll fee will not increase more than x999 after Server Maintenance on 12/7 PST.
    We expect this to solve few problems in a system. We ask for your understanding on this.

    4. Percentage of total amount of joy loss at team match will be modified
    Joy loss will be the same amount of joy gained at team match after Server Maintenance on 12/14 PST.
    Single match 1:1:1 joy gain / less rate is set as gain 100% / loss 50% / loss 50%, and gain 100%/ loss 100% at 1:1 match while Team Match is set to gain 100 % / loss 50% currently.
    This is to encourage our contestants to play team match and was applied to the game since the beginning.
    Now we noticed that team match is lively enough. Therefore, we will set it back to normal, as gain 100% / loss 100%.
    With this, we are preparing a special event for this modification, please look forward to it.

    5. Grand Slam & Universe channel will be merged
    Grand Slam & Universe channel will be merged after Server Maintenance on 12/14 PST
    Minimum JOY for other channels will be arranged as well and details will be given at further notice.
    Please be advised that Grand slam ticket will be exchanged to Master Channel Ticket x5 which was the original material of Grand Slam Ticket crafting.
    Due to the preparation of channel merge, Mission related with Grand Slam will be removed after Server Maintenance on 12/07 PST.

    6. Multiplier at Mini Battle of 1:1 Match will be lowered
    Multiplier at Mini Battle of 1:1 Match will be lowered after Server Maintenance on 12/14 PST.

    7. Guild Quest System will be improved
    Guild Quest condition will be changed as mentioned below after Server Maintenance on 12/14 PST.
    Currently: Stage will be increased by sum of JOY earned
    After: Stage will be increased by sum of wins by Guild Members
    Due to system changes, Guild Quest will be reset after Server Maintenance on 12/14 PST.
    This is to balance the play time from the Guild Quest between players playing with more JOY.

    8. Black Pearl System will be removed.
    Black Pearl System will be removed after Sever Maintenance on 12/14 PST.

    It’s been more than 400 days already from the first day that we rolled our very first dice together.
    We believe that your continuous support is the only reason that made all of these unbelievably wonderful things possible.
    We will continue to be all ears and be at our best to serve you.

    Thank you.

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    And thanks for the information! I will post it right here if you don't mind that! It would be cool to join your team someday.


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