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  • In-Game UI Guide

    In-game Guide
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    1. Start Money
    >Start Money is the basic amount every player starts off with when entering a match.
    All players will withdraw equal amount of Start Money from their vault's and participate in the game

    2. Play JOY
    > Play JOY is a player's usable asset, including the Start Money.
    Each player's Play JOY at the beginning of the game can be different depending on the benefit gained or item used
    Play JOY is used for paying for toll and other expenses throughout the game.

    3. Start Card
    >These are the 3 cards equipped to the Start Cards from Skill Card settings menu.
    All participating players will start with 3 Skill Cards set as Start Cards.

    4. START
    >Every player's characters will begin at START.

    5. Turns
    >Players will play the game in turns.
    When a player's turn comes, he/she will roll the dice and move his/her character along the blocks, ending his/her turn,
    passing the turn to the next player.
    Other players except the player rolling the dice must wait for their turn to move.
    When all players have made a move, it will count as 1 turn. The game will last for 25 turns.
    Possible actions in a turn

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    Sweet sounds easy


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      Thanks. I added all of these to one simple file if anyone wants all the rules on one text file here:


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        Does anyone know how to use instant access tickets BC I have two but don't know how to use them


        • johncruz02
          johncruz02 commented
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          You can't use it if you have enough joy to enter a certain channel. For example, if you don't have enough joy to enter a specific channel such as the Professional Channel, you can use the Professional Instant Ticket to be able to enter the channel even though you don't have the required amount of joy to enter it.