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    >Takeover certificate can take away the property of another player the player landed.
    If a player uses a Takeover certificate, his or her number of remaining Takeover certificate is decreased by 1.
    If a player is out of Takeover certificate, he or she cannot Takeover another player's property.

    How to receive Takeover certificate
    Using a Takeover item at the start of the game (+1)
    3rd and 4th players at who goes first (+1)
    Arriving at the Takeover block on Fortune Road (+1)

    Takeover certificate count limit
    A player can possess up to 3 Takeover certificate(s)
    If a player already has 3 Takeover certificate(s), his or her number of Takeover certificate does not increase even if the player receives a Takeover item.

    Takeover not allowed
    A player cannot Takeover another player's property in a special situation, even if he or she has a remaining number of Takeover certificate(s).
    Situations when Takeover certificate cannot be used
    A situation where the player arrives at another player's property and needs a loan
    A situation where the player arrives at another player's property by receiving an attack skill by another player
    A situation where the player arrives at another player's property due to an automatic turn

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