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    Rules for Team Match

    Different from Singles Match, different rules are applied to Team Match.
    Certain effects within the game are shared with your teammate.

    Effects shared with your teammate

    If a teammate conquers the Golden Ox, my properties receive the Golden Ox Effect as well.
    If a teammate and I possess all cities of the same color, the teammate and I receive the Color Monopoly Effect.
    You and your teammate are affected at the Vacation Spot level. In other words, if a teammate obtains a Vacation Spot,
    your Vacation Spot level increases.
    You can make a bet when you arrive at a teammate's city.
    My teammate is not affected by any negative skills I use.
    You do not participate in your teammate's mini-battles. You watch the battles in spectator mode.

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    How are the profit and betting pool distributed upon winning?


    • SacrificeVII
      SacrificeVII commented
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      Profits are always split. Losses are not. I'm not sure if profits will still split if your team member leaves after he's bankrupted tho. Hopefully someone can clarify.

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    SacrificeVII - AFAIK, No. If the other member left and you still won the game, you will get all the winnings.


    • SacrificeVII
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      I see. Thanks for the clarification! x)