Hope's Secret Club Guide

Welcome to my Secret Club Guide!
Last Updated: February 14th

The Secret Club hands out rewards as you lose JOY in matches.
This mechanic tries to make you feel better about losing games.
Maybe one day we will find the secret of the club


The secret club has 4 prizes or "Club Aids".
Club Aid (Lv1) 5x Takeover Certificates 500 BP
Club Aid (Lv2) 30,000 Gold 1500 BP
Club Aid (Lv3) 2x Character Tickets 3000 BP
Club Aid (Lv4) 3x Premium Skill Packs 5000 BP
The Black Pearls (BP) for each level are not cumulative.
So once you exchange them, you must start from 0 for the next prize level.

To obtain Black Pearls, you must lose joy while playing in a match.
Every 10m you lose is equal to earning 1 Black Pearl.
Therefore 1B JOY = 100 BP and 10B Joy = 1000 BP

*Note: If you receive the Level 4 Club Aid, you reset the system, starting back at Level 1.