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  • Ion

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    - Ion -

    Telekinetic who controls the dice by using psychokinesis.
    A powerful player who has surpassed human limits with the help of Dr.X.

    Ion earned the telekinesis ability few years ago offered by Dr.X, but is also cursed with his arms burning every time he uses his ability.
    Ion received an invitation of the league form Dr.X and decided to enter the league in search for a cure to his curse.

    ★5 Ion Stats
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    According to the Facebook page, every time he uses his power his hand starts to burn. He joined the league so he could be freed from his 'curse'.


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      Just going to give one post for Ion, my main character.


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        His losing animation you see his hands get burned So sad.


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          Love how his taunt can make enemies get loan also when you already got 9B joy from them and their dont have any board


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            We need more male characters.


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              Everything's is going according to plan xD


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                His voice sounds like a 40 yr old honestly


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