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  • Raven

    - Raven -

    Raven was always 2nd place in the Genius league for many years,
    Raven finally won last year's tournament and proved to the world that he's the best
    and now he aims to do it once more in this years league

    ★5 Raven Stats
    Click image for larger version

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    My personal favorite character, we need more evil looking ones!


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      Wait, don't the winners disappear?
      What's going on with the story?

      RIP Game of Dice story (2015-2015)


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        Originally posted by Jich View Post
        Wait, don't the winners disappear?
        What's going on with the story?

        RIP Game of Dice story (2015-2015)
        I think that's why he puts on the Raven suite isn't he the one narrating the story during the loading screen.

        Well we don't know the story exactly of each character until they do provide a full source but yeah he was the previous champion but there is a shot of him looking normal.


        • Jich
          Jich commented
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          If you want extra information, I think the Japanese GoD Facebook page has more info on each character.

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        According to the Japanese Facebook page for GoD, Raven claims that "No participants in the Genius League wouldn't know who he is".


        • Laughingman
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          For a simple reason that he may have needed to hide his identity which may have other reasons.

          1.) People may be out to get him

          2.) You can only win once

          3.) Just because

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        I got Raven as my first 5 star GOLD character and I now have leveled up to max! he is excellent to play with but I wish that his in game chat cues made a little bit more sense...


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            Have you played Redactle today? One of the latest successes to come from the explosion of indie word games caused by Wordle is redactle game.


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                The black plumage and croaking call of the raven make it a common symbol of loss and ill omen. However, the raven also has many other symbolic meanings, including being a talking bird that represents prophecy and insight. In some stories, ravens act as psychopomps, connecting the material world with the world of spirits.


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