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  • Black Rose

    - Black Rose -

    A pro gambler who will not stop at anything for money.
    Her sword is so sharp that it can even slice a ghost.

    Unlike the other member that are invited,
    Black Rose is hired by Dr.X and moves according to his order.

    ★5 Black Rose Stats
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    According to the Japanese Facebook page for Game of Dice, Black Rose is an exorcist who will do jobs for money. She was hired by Dr. X to join this league.


    • Vaiox
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      Ooh your description makes more sense haha. I was wondering what being a pro gambler had to do with slicing a ghost. Thanks Jich.

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    I really like Black Rose too. I saw a story behind her look. Really dark & yes she definitely strong as hell !


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      Why she got balance stats but her dice is rose that can multiple mini battle


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        Originally posted by LuckyMouse View Post
        Why she got balance stats but her dice is rose that can multiple mini battle
        you see that the lowest stat of black rose is mini battle? maybe the dice purpose is to balance her stat more...
        (sorry for bad english)


        • LuckyMouse
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          but the description said
          A pro gambler who will not stop at anything for money.
          Her sword is so sharp that it can even slice a ghost.

          so her mini battle should be high not 100 below

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        look at her stats in Gold via in Game her Mini Battle Decreases shes a ProGambler with low MiniBattle .... well anyway i need 1 more 5 star
        ill just combine her to platinum its just weird that her stats decreases


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          Good observation. It seems when jumping from Five Stars to Gold, the characters will have one (maybe more) stats decrease until you jump to Platinum.


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            Is it true that shes the worse character even at diamond? :/


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              finally i dont have her anymore but i got mary holy crap !
              her stats is worse than blackrose

              the only thing is good to mary is her toll on cities but her cheaper jailbreak is so awesome imagine if u have 400m joy to 1b joy u jump to jail
              if u jail break its only 4m-10m joy compare to other characters lol they need 20-60m joy

              i think she will be my forever character lol

              i need 1trillion joy left and 1000 gems + to get diamond

              i wish i wont get mary blackrose in diamond i dont like them .....
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                Lol, and Isabelle max leveled is around 150.


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                  I just got a 5* Gold Black Rose going from two five stars to the 5* Gold. ;_;


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