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  • Music Box Dice

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    - Music Box Dice -

    Rica's Music Box dice, specially designed for Rica.
    A popular dice among the fans with Rica's hit songs included.

    Music Box Dice Stats

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  • #2
    Definitely my FAVORITE Dice !!!! <3


    • #3
      what's so good about this dice?


      • ZeroShadowX
        ZeroShadowX commented
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        Well, I guess it just looks cool. :P

    • #4
      thiz my favourite too <3


      • #5
        Music Box Dice Stats 5 Star (MAXED)

        Theta is too casual for signatures...


        • #6
          The double takeover skill is especially sweet when you have tons of JOY to waste and torture the opponents by taking their best cities over.


          • SacrificeVII
            SacrificeVII commented
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            56% is really decent chance, however, to really make use of it you have to fulfill a lot of requirements, which leads me to believe it's not worth it.

            1) You need to be winning -- or at least have lots of JOY
            2) Get into Fortune Road
            3) Roll a 2.

            If you're not snowballing, and you're playing from behind, it doesn't do anything to save you.

        • #7
          The music box dice are my favorite; they're relatively easy to obtain 5 star, and the bonus takeover item has won me games multiple times.

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        • #8
          Hmmm just a question. Can dice go up to 6*?


          • #9
            I love my music box dice hehe


            • #10
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