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  • Magical Dice

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    - Magical Dice -

    Magical Dice was created by the magicians by inserting magical powers.
    It's ancient magic secretly controls the Dice roll when it's used.

    Magical Dice Stats
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  • #2
    How to get those magic dice?


    • Lurettah
      Lurettah commented
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      you need to buy it from the VIP store at the dice menu its a chance to get it out of other VIP dice fragments

  • #3
    Hey, unrelated question. Is the 5* Character Bonus when buying something event still up?


    • #4
      The only good thing about this dice seems to be the Minibattle effect.


      • #5
        Basically improved stats of the rose dice, sudden growth seems rather useless late game though :c


        • #6
          Monopoly boost of rose isn't that effective late game as well but possible to be used late game. Unlike sudden growth, which has a very low chance to activate and can't be used much late game. 5 star and only 16%? A bit too low I guess for a VIP dice.


          • johncruz02
            johncruz02 commented
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            Neverthless it's sudden growth is indeed really on the start up to the middle game

        • #7
          Probably my favorite Dice.. I get more growths as a 3* than I do now as a 4*... Unfortunately.


          • #8
            Love this dice! the sudden growths are awesome when they work haha


            • #9
              Prob top three dice in game with the newly released nobles. Magics shine more on maps without ghost towns or automatically go to start areas.

              At 6* u recieve urban renewal which buffs your lvl 4 cities when you land on them. With the right deck , you can maximize your sudden growth and urban potential.

              By far my favorite dice ^^


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