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  • Berserk

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Name:	폭주.PNG
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    - Berserk -

    For 2 turns, toll feels for all of my properties will increase by 500%
    * Usable after requesting Loan

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    Eh this card doesn't seem worth it if u have too die first. Could be helpful but rainbow party and i see gold is better
    Last edited by me8910; 03-27-2016, 10:14 PM.


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      I have this and honestly have not even tried using it yet. As me8910 said you have to go bankrupt first, but that multiplier is nothing to joke about. If you have a lot of properties late game and go bankrupt, this one could bring in some serious $.


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        I still haven't tried this out haha. I think it's because the thought of going bankrupt isn't on my mind when I'm looking at my starting 9 cards.


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          I have this card and it have served me really well whenever i could use it. With the new Hello Kitty map, bankrupting before your opponent even bet on a property is really easy, so this card along with others that needs to be activated after you loan definitely shines, allowing you to come back from a hopeless situation( or, you know, lose even more money). good for players that doesn't have other OP toll buff cards like power build and the likes.


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            When is it even profitable to use this card? On the early stages of a game when you haven't earned much? It's a bit confusing to me... Looks just too risky.

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              This card is a rare card like tunnel rush play it and get addicted, it's very entertaining


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