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  • You Come or I Go

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    - You Come or I Go -

    Select a character within 5 blocks, and bring character to my location
    or move to selected character's location

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    I just got the 6* version of this one (it's within 7 blocks instead of 5) but I haven't equipped it yet. I could envision using this say after I just bet up one of my properties and someone's on the Ox, I would use this to get $ or if not I'd takeover the Ox.


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      I'm having trouble using this card. Is it random whether you move to the selected character or if they move to you? When I use this card it won't let me select myself. I want to summon the character to me but it always warps me to them. Please help!


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        It's random, which makes it hard to use. I watered a 6* selector in this card and don't use it.

        Basically they have to be someplace you want to be AND you have to be on a square you want them on at the same time.


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