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  • Mysterious Commission

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    - Mysterious Commission -

    For 2 turns, selected character will lose 55% of JOY earned when receiving toll fee

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    This card seems spooky. Let's say someone has 4 trillion and I use it on him. If I land on his city and pay the toll, he will then lose 2 trillion? Am I reading this one correctly? :-o


    • $ynergy
      $ynergy commented
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      To clarify, I am asking does JOY here mean just the money he has left while in-game, or does it mean the total JOY of that character?

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    I don't have this card, but from what I've seen it, let me give an example.
    Say they roll and land on your prop, they pay you the toll fee for your prop but you pay them back 55% of that toll. So in essence, it's like discount coupon bit they also get your toll. This includes if their partner lands on your prop, they'd still get 55% of the toll fee.


    • tac0cat
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      It also makes it impossible for you to die for 2 turns, which is pretty good.

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    Ahha ok thanks Ajon88! I was totally off-base on my understanding of this one. Thanks again for helping me with this one. :-)


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      This card is confusing to me. Do I use it on myself or on the other player? I'm about to just combine it for a different 6* skill card.


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        Hi Gmyers,

        This card you would want to use on your opponent if faced with a lot of opponent cities in your way, and ideally, you should have at least 1 takeover. So you would land on your opponents' city, pay the toll, and then they would pay you back 55% of what you paid, and then you could then take it over. Does that make sense? I know this one is kind of confusing.
        Last edited by $ynergy; 06-17-2016, 05:06 PM. Reason: Due to PiimpZ's explanation (contrary to what I said previous, this should be used on your opponents, NOT yourself). Thanks PiimpZ!


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          ^ I have the Card, You use the card on who evers property you expect your self to land on. Example . Player A expects to land on Player Bs prop so Player A uses this card on player B. Once you land on their prop youll pay the toll, but recieve 55% of whatever you payed. It comes out of overall joy so you will not bankrupt.


          • staber
            staber commented
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            so in this case, can I say that player A must have enough $ to pay the toll fee 1st b4 getting the 55%?

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          As long as Player A total net worth joy is higher than the toll you land on, you will get 55% back of that toll.


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            Cool PiimpZ, thanks for helping us out with this one! The wording on this card is somewhat tricky so I really appreciated your assistance.


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              I can craft this card now (the 6* version, or Mirror Mirror 6* or I See Gold! 6*). I'm leaning towards Mirror Mirror to be honest. I have Berserk 5* which is the same as I See Gold! except that you need to go bankrupt instead of there being money in the bank. This one at 6* is intriguing, but it can be cancelled of course.