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  • Domino

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    - Domino -

    One of the character met on the move will move the rest of the dice roll instead

    - You can use this skill card offensively and defensively
    Offensively: push off opponent in front when opponent has a high chance to land on my/teammate's city.
    Defensively: You can use this skill card when you have high chance to land on the opponents block
    but there's an opponent in front.

  • #2
    There are a couple of good uses for this card, but it can be very situational.

    It can be used kind of like pursuit, and can be used when the opponent is on OX or Jail or a lvl 2 4x property they've just bet on.

    However it has significantly less control than pursuit.

    It does also have debuff capabilities, which is nice. I feel like Pursuit is marginally more powerful, but this when used correctly can work very well.

    Also good against hackers.


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      Worst use I saw of domino was a guy that maybe wanted to suicide on my lv.4 ox buffed Taipei (where I was). He was at Start and rolled an 8 so she went to my Taipei, paid the toll and had only 5m Joy left, and I went on fortune road, where I got Conquer City finally getting damn Tokyo to complete my color monopoly on crazy buffed Seoul. She rolled a 11 or 12, dont remember and landed exactly on Seoul, ahahaha. Paid something like 7b in Professional Channel