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  • GM_Mary
    started a topic Phony Trade

    Phony Trade

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Name:	phony trade3.PNG
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    - Phony Trade -

    For 2 turns, take 30% of opponent's wealth if you arrive where the opponent is at

    - You can over turn the rankings when used in a neck-to-neck situation
    - You can cover your low amount of JOY when used right after taking out a loan

  • AeonixG
    Spice up the wealth to more than 70% if this card ever going to get attention. The chances and reward doesnt justify enough for player to use this card at all.

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  • Jonathan Mejia
    Admin, I hope you could change this card's ability so it can be useful.

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  • Pro kia
    useless card

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  • BaneWilliams
    Completely useless card by itself.

    Its only utility is with other cards that do not provide a buff, such as Push, Pull, Shove.

    Think about how useless this is most of the time:

    -You use phony trade.
    -Opponent is on 11.
    -You have to get 10-12 dice control (30% chance)
    -You have to roll 11 (24% chance)

    Total chance of Phony Trade ever actually doing anything for you is ~8-12%

    Compare this to Ambush, and you can see Ambush is infinitely better, and has a much higher success rate than this card.

    If % of wealth was increased to 50 at 5* it could be comparable to Ambush, but outside of that this is a terrible card.

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  • ANHimalx11
    Can we use pull or drag to trigger this card?

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