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  • GM_Mary
    started a topic Vacation Plan

    Vacation Plan

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    - Vacation Plan -

    For 3 turns, all tolls in player's vacation spots will increase by 500%


    - This can have great effects when used in a Team Match where it is easy to obtain Vacations Spots
    - Use together with skills used to obtain Vacation Spots
    - This has the greatest toll increasing effect

  • BaneWilliams
    Yeah, it was originally going to be multiple turns, but they nerfed it.

    It's 1 turn now.

    People had first three cards as Resort Conquest + Family Vacation/Free Plane + Vacation Plan and winning the game in turn 4. There was a team that did this where one player had Push 5 and Pull 5 and Resort, so together they could get all the vacation spots by turn 2-3 and then focus on getting players on them.

    Not fun.

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  • LuckyMouse
    For 3 turns i think my 5 star only got 1 turn

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