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  • Tax Day

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    - Tax Day -

    Selected opponent will move to National Tax Service and pay 150% of tax

    - You can aim for a come-from-behind victory, when used on another player during the latter phase of the game
    - You can strategically move another player in Jail, during the latter phase of the game

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    How does this card work exactly? Sometimes when I use the card on an opponent, they just teleport to the national tax block but do not lose any money even when they have a lot of property. What gives?


    • NancyPHP
      NancyPHP commented
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      Because their dice have some ability like lovely dice which have excemption something

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    Tax Day is only really good at low level players who do not have 5gold or platinum characters yet.

    Majority of platinum characters have 100-120 Tax, which lowers the effect of the card by 50-60%.

    It is still possible on 5* version to use this to knock someone out who has just bought back in however, but it isn't as strong as Bash, which does more damage and the money goes to you rather than bank.