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  • Pursuit

    - Pursuit -

    Move to the selected character's location

    - You can receive the Fortune Road Effect when used on a character on Fortune Road
    - You can steal the Golden Ox Effect when used on a character on Golden Ox

  • #2
    What is the weakness of this card?
    I think this card dont have weakness
    u can steal ur opponents lvl 2 building x4
    Also can move to jail and
    Can bankrupt yourself so fast to earn exp or to dodge higher tolls

    Btw this is not whining i just want to know
    The weakness of this card cuz every cards has weakness

    I think this card should be nerf
    Example u cnt use it in first 3 starting cards
    Last edited by LuckyMouse; 11-24-2015, 03:00 PM.


    • #3
      There is no weakness.

      If you own this card it should be in your deck, no problems. It gets you ox after someone takes it, It can let you lap twice, it is insanely good and should be 5*


      • #4
        they should nerf this card too unfair for other cards
        example steal = if u miss u cant steal it
        dimension shift= random block
        debuffs skill card = weakness buffs

        and other cards have

        also this card is only 4 star and i dont have this card nerf it lol
        Last edited by LuckyMouse; 11-25-2015, 02:29 PM.


        • johncruz02
          johncruz02 commented
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          Luck aside, Steal Property is better than Pursuit cause you don't need to pay the toll anymore or use takeover to steal your opponent's city unlike using Pursuit. While dimensional shift isn't that really always good. So yeah I think there's no need to nerf this. There are skill cards like this that don't have other star levels but are really good like the Takeover skill card.

        • LuckyMouse
          LuckyMouse commented
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          Im not comparing steal to pursuit like i said what is the weakness of pursuit
          Its none so it should be nerf
          Last edited by LuckyMouse; 11-26-2015, 07:58 AM.

      • #5
        Best card in the game IMO


        • LuckyMouse
          LuckyMouse commented
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          i agree u can go to the place u want nerf this card

      • #6
        Yeh. I really want this card. So is there a 5*~6* version of this card? If so, do the properties of the card change in any way?


        • #7
          Omg Holy crap !!! i got it ! wtf!@#$%^&()

          forget what i said never nerf this card
          Last edited by LuckyMouse; 11-29-2015, 08:03 PM.


          • Prunus
            Prunus commented
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            LuckyMouseee, yeaah, I saw u finally got this card. How u got it? From combine ? Draw gems? Or what ? I m curious, lol.
            I still dreaming to hv this one.

          • LuckyMouse
            LuckyMouse commented
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            normal combining

          • Binoksky
            Binoksky commented
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            I also got this from normal combine

        • #8
          Can I get this card by combining cards? This is in my wish list but didn't get any chance to obtain it since it appear


          • #9
            I just got killed by this card today in master T^T stole my golden ox lvl4 and so I Lost 32B after landing on one of his properties


            • staber
              staber commented
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              this is common... some ppl use it on their teammate 2 bet on the property as their opponents r approaching that area... it was very useful...

          • #10
            amazing card but not as great as push.


            • #11
              honestly, why dont you make this card 5 star instead. It is just not worth the gems crafting 4 star, especially at 100 gems each time.


              • #12
                I think even if you upgrade this card, people arnt likely to complain.


                • #13
                  good card for x2 Golden OX event


                  • #14
                    Can't find a better one. Still don't have it T.T


                    • #15
                      I think i found out the weakness of this card this card is always stock up in my hands
                      its like i have 2 starting card in my games if my opponent have
                      a mini battle deck or a smack deck that can get many cities then pursuit deck is no match i guess