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  • Haste

    - Haste -

    The next dice will be a Dice Double


    - You can quickly pass the START when used early in the game
    - You can escape from Jail
    - You can easily escape Misery Road
    - You can avoid dangerous properties in odd-numbered areas

  • #2
    Best card on start game.
    2 properties in first turn is very awesome

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      Awesome card for start/mid game! For use on first turn to get multiple properties right at the start, or to level up cities quicker during mid-game phase. Also good when you have even number steps in front of you that you need to land on!

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        I always wait for other peple used this card, so I can use other skill card to attack.

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          Definitely one of the most useful cards to have at the start of the match, way more efficient in my opinion than Dimension Shift (unless you have both in your Starting Cards pile, which if that's the case, always use Haste before using Dimension Shift for safety + area coverage during turn 1). It's a much more stable way of securing an extra move + city capture without the risk of a warp into Misery Road :-).

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            I can get more properties in first turn.

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              Most versatile card that can be use for any skill combo. Best to use in the first 3 rounds of the game.

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                Haste. The guaranteed extra turn is really good!
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                  One of the most useful cards to narrow down the possible rolls (esp for Golden Ox hunting)
                  One of the cards useful in escape-to-jail moments
                  10.10 would put in deck

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                    Haste because its 4 star also i use it in combo (haste+ drag)

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                      Very good card one of my favourite to use it on earlier it is good with city tour when get double 3 at the start of the game as it helps to get benefit from fortune road and then get a city on further of the map id:855850


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                        Because I have a higher chance of getting more properties in the first turn
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                          Haste over Dimension Shift, I choose Haste! its sure to give you an extra turn and has less of a chance that you will land on a unlucky tile.

                          Haste: 9/10
                          Dimension Shift: 5/10

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                            Here's my opinion of Haste VS Dimension Shift.

                            Haste can be a good skill to start off. By a definite double, Haste can help lapping(and land controlling) a lot. Depending on your dice it can also have a decent chance to narrow down your move to a certain number. Dice control makes difference in GoD, both in offensive and defensive terms, not to mention that it may cancel debuffs on you when you are Divine'd. However this card is less effective in late game, when the board is overwhelmed by R4 houses and Monopolies. You may not have the luck to avoid your defeat.

                            Dimension Shift, on the other hand, is not so certain compared to Haste. Although it is still a nice skill to start off(or even more, start with Haste then DS straight after), it's rather luck-based due to there are 34 squares on the game board, and you can not control the teleport by your dice. In late games, on the other hand, this card is more effective in attacking your opponent, by TPing him or her. He can not bet on his own houses when it is not his dice roll. What this mean is that, if you get your DS right, he'll be stepping on your land and paying you a load, while when this goes wrong you won't lose much(normally the DS itself is the biggest loss).

                            As for me, I'd prefer speed lapping and early-game pinpoint betting, therefore one vote for Haste for it's lapping ability.

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                              Haste !! Cause it gives me extra turn and also can use Dimension shift after Haste to
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