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  • Investigation

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Name:	investigation3.PNG
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    - Investigation -

    For 4 turns, selected city will not be able to takeover by other opponents

    - You can defend from another player's Takeover when used on your city at an early phase of the game
    - You can safely secure the growth of weak monopoly area,when used while achieving monopoly

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    how good is this card in first 3 starting?


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      Originally posted by eldxrg View Post
      how good is this card in first 3 starting?
      for me its 5/10 i think once alot of players using this is my land in starting card this card will become 8/10 i guess


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        And if there are more than one investigation cards on the field with different effects, can we activate them all in one action investigating? That's very confusing...


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          I really like to play investigation cards. And the skills required to play investigation cards are hard to learn. These kinds of cards are really good for the knowledge of students. The cards by are also really useful for students to complete their education.


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            This card really looks very beautiful, it looks like diggy exploring the world, the game I play


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