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  • You Shall Not Pass

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Name:	You shall not pass5.PNG
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    - You Shall Not Pass -

    For 2 turns, steal Start Money x 55% if selected opponent passes by


    - Use this skill card when opponents are behind and don't have other skill cards to bypass you
    * 55% = 25% (Basic Stats) + 30% (Hologram Effect)

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    No comments on this craft card really?


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      It is an okay card but it isnt all that great.. so assuming in gs u prolly get 400+m everytime you go pass a opponent unlike speeding which eats into two opponents this only affects the single one u choose. It is a gd card if ur opponent loans and you are near him and wanna end him. In gs when u loan its roughly 200 m ? U will kill the guy. Bash actually does that too. So.


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        Card is 60% right now.

        Desape I seen the card in play and it's better in single matches. You can also bankrupt with this card.